Founder Wang Yong replay history carpool slightly down 40 million in exchange for what experiences a

Abstract: once the valuation of 1 billion yuan slightly carpool ultimately in the capital of winter fallen down, the rise and fall of multitray slightly carpool experience, those lessons on the founder bought by about 40000000.



titanium media together with the 51 car, carpool, tick every car, carpool slightly carpool market was considered to be the stars of tomorrow, once the valuation of 1 billion yuan, but the aura is fleeting, slightly carpool ultimately in the capital of winter. The face slightly carpool founder Wang Yong, the rise and fall of multitray slightly carpool experience, those lessons on the founder bought by about 40000000:

entrepreneurship inspired a group of people, a group of people in the winter capital extinguished the hope. The two have deep feelings, Wang Yong is the founder of slightly carpool. His project to catch up with the venture the best time, just a few months after the product has been in hot pursuit of investors, some even on the valuation of 1 billion; his project is to catch up with business the worst of times, not long before the situation is not suitable for financing a sudden turn for the worse, eventually fell to the capital of winter.

"we spent 3 months, from the number of people to grow to 300 people, and in the past 3 months, from the layoffs of 300 people to 30 people." Wang Yong told reporters: "now look back, everything was crazy."

in the most crazy time, slightly carpool day off about 1000000 yuan subsidy, but later proved even more 30% of them are scalping took place; branch to go to the headquarters of hundreds of millions of promotion fee, but only bring 1000 or hundreds of new users; general staff wages, learn the culture of Silicon Valley, every month the fruit yogurt have to spend tens of thousands of money.

of course, madness didn’t last long. After slightly carpool to spend about 40000000 yuan, completely failed. The money to give Wang Yongmai a lot of lessons, such as: business to avoid burning, avoid the giant, or fate in their own hands; financing can not be greedy, to take the money, the highest bid is not necessarily the most reliable; the team has to pull together in times of trouble partner working mentality professional managers are often unreliable; internal control and management a moment can not relax, otherwise the company will die on the internal friction.

of course, through the failure of slightly carpool is always a problem is: Wang Yong thought that he is not a qualified entrepreneur, he slightly carpool failed 80% of all the responsibility on himself, "when the company is busy, I once lost myself."

valuation from 80 million to 1 billion

Wang Yong is the founder of the

design, brand China enterprises, twenty years in the field of design, he muffled money, never thought I would and Internet business relations.

but in 2014, when a variety of carpooling software emerge in an endless stream Wang Yong echocardiography. Because of public interest, Wang Yong has been concerned and pushed

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