WeChat marketing Combat three thousand fans a day how to achieve sales of five times

this case is the author personally involved in the planning and implementation of a WeChat marketing case (a similar role in planning the role of soy sauce consultant), from the beginning of the plan to start five days, more hasty. I am not very satisfied with the final result, perhaps the first time to do similar activities, in some detail is not enough. In this article, I will first make a description of the whole process, while pointing out some of the details, because the case involves the customer, so the important data is not published.


at the end of February, we will be determined to do a Louis WeChat only scan code to send cake activities in general, how to do? Is not conclusive, but we here relevant person in charge of the project to a general scheme, and the client side made a division of work, but we do not know what to do.

in the afternoon of March 3rd, we had an interview with the client. At this point the activity is officially entered the plan. Meet with the customer, we identified the following: theme activities, division of labor, preparation before the event, too concerned about the line, so the activities of online publicity done is not in place. (this will be referred to in the back). At the same time, it is worth noting that this activity is for a warm-up. Customers in May 1st for the opening of new stores, so small.

after the meeting, the customer has started to prepare for the event: a variety of materials, activities, prizes (cake), shopping malls negotiations, personnel arrangements, etc.. We have also begun to set up some of the WeChat keyword reply and forwarding advertising.

time is over, and it’s March 8th.

in the morning, we began to focus on the big world in Nantong, Wenfeng, began to start scanning code. In order to highlight the effect, all of the sweep of the code is the sister, driven by the doll, the morning 400 cake coupons will soon be sent out. Store is not ready, the sale is not active, so the flow is much more than usual, but sales did not imagine so beautiful. During lunch at noon, we summed up the lack of the morning and the afternoon to continue to sweep the code analysis. In order to expand publicity efforts, we will focus on the whole team to sweep the code, and then around the most prosperous place to go a few laps, did cause a lot of onlookers. Afternoon continue to scan the code, more than two hours, prepared cake and swept away, only the payment of prizes coupons.

eventually, the activities of a total of eight hundred copies of the cake, the day of WeChat fans increased by about 1100 (about second days off the powder in about 100), forwarded more than 1200, sales estimates should be at least an increase of 1.5 times. Overall, WeChat sweep code activity is still a success. Why am I not satisfied with this? The following is an analysis of some of the details, of course, you may say that I am the title of the party before I say it. But I analyzed these issues are resolved, the realization of the day 3>

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