Learn how to pack the expression with the light P Line big business

Abstract: through the lovely and the story of the map, Line allows users to take out more and more money. The Japanese instant messaging software, the expression package as IP operations, realized, and ultimately achieved success.


in July 14th this year, the Japanese chat application Line listed on the New York stock exchange. The IPO, Line total financing of $1 billion 300 million, the market valuation of over $7 billion, becoming the first public offering after the Alibaba, the world’s largest technology IPO.

and China’s WeChat, South Korea’s Kakao Talk, Line’s main income has three parts: communications, content, advertising. In addition, he also rely on expression stickers business, around the expression economy, a total revenue of $268 million last year.

data show that, in the Line every 10 to send the message, there is an expression stickers. In the super IP to become a new outlet of the moment, around the expression pack this explosion, Line is how to make the user willing to pay, which is the topic of concern to everyone.

expression pack is a light IP, suction powder is very heavyweight

Line in the instant messaging software started late, in June 2011 was officially put on the market, the Chinese name". For most people, the first known Line, is that the hot beer + fried chicken in 2013 "hot drama from the stars you play", thousands of Iraqi and professors ode daily contact tool is precisely this Line. Although it has Korean ancestry, but the annual income of 70% from Japan, and nearly half of the Japanese has become a Line user.

Line users in Japan seems to really attract them, not connected to the WiFi conditions in the opening or data flow, can whenever and wherever possible text and voice interactive tool applications, but the application of deadpan Brown bear and Almighty amazing Minnie rabbit.

this is actually only in the user communication is often used in the expression pack function, relative to the story of the system since the animation, literature IP, only an original expression can only be regarded as light IP. But in the operation of Line, it has become an industrial chain.

industry chain is the source of users pay to download the expression pack. Brown bear and Minnie rabbit is cute and by the official Line design features distinctive chat emoticons, attract users to pay, when chatting with friends send expression maps. In 2015, only face mapping sales accounted for Line 1/4 of annual income, the number of users and the monthly purchase map or the game is very stable, around 8 million.

in the past, the usual interpretation of the expression of the package to pay for the situation, most will be summed up in one sentence – the Japanese two dimensional users have the habit of paying for the original animation, expression package pay only >

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