How to promote the most convenient website

learning SEO, how to promote the most convenient, the most efficient navigation on the Internet! How do we do 100 thousand IP10W people use the 77265 navigation! First, I first introduce how she is standing:

she is a comprehensive website, she provides personal network favorites function for everyone, it can help you to love your web site, such as your favorite film – dance music MP3-DJ – -QQ code – Xiaonei code -… From now on… You don’t have to memorize a URL

!It has

browsing function, is from this site to record your other station! Even if you have a short time to forget, with this function you don’t need to worry too much! Another is that it also provides a favorite blog! You can use it as a network can also use Notepad! Write their own diary! For the webmaster also rolled out her point into the recommended function, point into the recommended every 5 minutes automatically updates! When someone clicks on the link from your website to enter the station, your site will be integral. When the score reaches a certain number, your site will have the opportunity to show in the home page, point into the recommended column, will get more attention, so as to bring you more traffic.

is better than her some of the main features, the other in your use after slowly found her powerful features!

new initial, first submitted to the major search, such as Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Youdao, and so on, waiting for the collection. Through the QQ, QQ group publicity. Its general effect. Secondly to promote some popularity more active forums. Here are some owners mistakenly thought it was just send a theme of " XXXX net " and then leave the address on the line below.

here I want to emphasize this kind of practice is not correct, you say people BBS management view, 90% is that advertising is not sent to the irrigation, garbage station is directly deleted! It makes a little publicity effect are not! This method is not desirable! The webmaster should not


in BBS is also a method of publicity, but different from the above practices. We say it skills! Like you to some television forum to publicize their station, you can publish some similar articles according to the theme of the content of BBS, and then later in the article, or personal signature below the propaganda to leave you address! This place also have some skills, similar to television advertising, can be exaggerated, Lenovo, can use some words compelling idea and so on! This effect is better


again, if your funds allow, you can also do some advertising in other places. For example, search auction, advertising alliance! Well first here, take a rest, to


more than webmaster personal point of view, if agreed, please support!


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