Spring Festival Party local station you can seize this opportunity

there will be less than 2 months to celebrate the new year, the Spring Festival party how are you going to do it?

many sites in the Spring Festival party is nothing more than to eat K song and so on, had wanted to make a successful party? After all, it is very difficult to have such a chance.

we had a party last Spring Festival, when more than and 150 people, more than a dozen wonderful programs, and interactive games. And sponsored gifts. The scene is very hot.

Spring Festival this year, we are now beginning to prepare for the hope that the owners of the local station can grasp such an opportunity.

planning program:

time: Lunar 26-28 or so, because we have to take care of the field back to friends.

number of participants: not less than 150. Less than 150 people, the total cost of AA down will be high. After all, the venue rent, stage layout, the cost of lighting and sound is fixed, the lower the cost of the more people.

personnel can be the forum members and their relatives and friends, can also go to the local group advertising, it is best to communicate with group of the Lord, and ask them to help the organization. You can also contact some local groups and ask them to take part in the group.

location: can be selected in the lobby of a hotel, so that they can borrow their venues, lighting sound. Disadvantages, coupled with the cost of eating, the cost of each person AA may be around 60-80 yuan. You can also choose not to eat, but to assume the venue, lighting and audio costs. Rent light alone may be around 2000 yuan.

stage layout: printing background (ten dollars a square), balloons, color and other decorations (one hundred yuan), other items.

entertainment items: the support rods (such as inflatable sticks, hand, improve the party atmosphere,. A pair of inflatable sticks about 7 hair, hand 2 – 3 yuan a), lightsticks (I never used), luminous Brooch (Taobao generally around 1.2 yuan) and other items, a hand, can buy in Taobao.

prizes: draw with, it is best to pull sponsorship. A few dollars to twenty or thirty dollars a on the line.

tickets: 500 printed words do not seem to be more than 400 yuan, specifically I forgot. In order to appear formal, we must print tickets.

program: users can call their own registration. You can also use their own relationship to find some of the higher quality programs. Exciting interactive games.

preheating: in the party decided to start up, set the corresponding layout in the forum, and launched the quiz show at the number of tickets, solicitation, party registration stickers, registration staff posts, posts and other programs for online activities, can improve the popular forum for the party, preheating.

lack of experience of the webmaster, you can refer to our website. Daye Fengyun network www.dayeren.net


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