2009 China local website development forum held in Hangzhou

webmaster network on October 17th, 2009 Chinese local website development forum held in Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel on the 17 day of the conference by the Alibaba, Alipay, Taobao, PHPWind.net, "twenty-first Century economic report" jointly organized the conference theme: openness, sharing, win-win. From the country of more than 200 local portal website owners to participate in the meeting, DCCI Internet data center director Hu Yanping, general manager of the 21 world daily operation of Chen Dongyang, Beijing Internet Time Inc chairman Cai Wensheng, chairman of 51.com, Pang Dongsheng and other leaders attended the Internet conference.

according to the relevant departments statistics, at present there are more than and 300 types of websites in the country, of which the form of community sites accounted for about 150. To convey through the most timely local news, reflecting the most vivid expression of emotional appeal, the people’s livelihood comprises the most direct, the local community has not only become an important birthplace of the network of public opinion, constantly carrying more social functions, to meet people’s life and entertainment and consumption demand the online home, is also the most important part of the internet. The general assembly to the local community as the theme of the Internet industry conference, designed to strengthen the exchange of local communities, and promote the healthy development of local communities.

to participate in this meeting guests and webmaster


phpwind founder Wang Ji speech


DCCI Internet data center director Hu Yanping delivered a speech


  21, general manager of the Department of world affairs Chen Dongyang delivered a speech


51.com chairman Pang Dongsheng delivered a speech


award winners and honored guests photo


award winner


Huang Danfeng Alipay business development director

delivered a keynote speech

on the morning of October 17th on the agenda of the meeting, phpwind founder Wang set first made the opening speech, DCCI Internet data center director Hu Yanping, general manager of the 21 world newspapers operating Chen Dongyang made 51.com chairman Pang Dongsheng, Dr. Taobao open platform vice president Wang Wenbin Huang Danfeng, director of business development, Alipay has made a local website development website data analysis the media value of Internet business financing ways made presentations, conference and awarded the outstanding contribution award, best community content operation award, best e-commerce value award, the most investment value of the award, the most growth of owners and other awards; long lane, Kunshan hotline, Chongqing Shopaholic community website received the award.

the general assembly a total of 2 days, in the afternoon of 17 and the meeting of the arrangement of 18 >

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