The search for Fox lies collapse of itself the tail exposed

      Alexa in August 31, 2007 to combat cheating, again the algorithm was adjusted, the Sohu ranking fell sharply, fell to 48, "cheating" once again being exposed, Sina, Tencent, NetEase and other sites remained at around 20.



      through the Alexa ranked line chart we can clearly see that Sohu and Sina’s respective rankings: since the beginning of August 26, 2007, Sohu’s ranking fell again, fell to the bottom of the 31. Technical experts believe that the first half of this year due to the recent domestic Alexa for data sampling is a plug-in uninstall, plus the Alexa constant adjustment algorithm, Chinese overall site Alexa rankings are in decline, if in a certain period of time to rise sharply and fell sharply, in general can be judged as cheating.

      "Fox" in what kind of medicine?

      Sohu once by Alexa who were all laughed at, under the temptation of huge commercial interests, make this move is really too impulsive The loss outweighs the gain. As a large network of domestic companies, Sohu’s daily visits were not low, then why should it cheat? The author is really puzzling:

      a guess, Sohu one after another three portal – unwilling to heart?

      January 10, 2007, China Internet Association issued the "investigation report" 2007 China Internet, the data show that in the portal site, Sina users relative market share ranked first, 19.60%, NetEase and Tencent were 18.11% and 16.95%, which means that the Sohu fell out of China three outside the door. Mr Zhang Zhaoyang will not be reconciled, so make a fuss in the traffic? The purpose is to squeeze into the top three position?

      guess two, the Sohu for the Olympic Games – sweet taste impatient?

      Sohu in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsor of Internet content services, play the "Olympic Games" signs, after entering the white hot state and Olympic Games battle between the three major portals, Zhang Zhaoyang through a variety of ways to spread the Olympic marketing strategy, but the Sohu "traffic rank" and "net the profit decline" problem has plagued him, in order to establish confidence in investment, to advertisers rush into danger?

      guess three, Sohu is eager to fight against

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