Capital interpretation Twitch abandoned Google instead choose the real reason for Amazon


announced on Monday that the company will acquire all outstanding shares of live streaming video game website Twitch to about $970 million in cash, which is to set up the Amazon has the largest mergers and acquisitions.

comes from Google’s $one billion acquisition scandal, Twitch became the focus of discussion in the capital market in the past few months. It has up to 55 million MAU per capita to up to 106 minutes; traffic ranked fourth in the nation, more than Hulu and Facebook all we are familiar with the website; as early as 11 months ago in September 2013, the Twitch round of financing has been raised to $20 million.

Twitch and Youtube while it is true that the combination has That’s final. when Amazon’s raid changed all that.

for the acquisition of ·, Amazon CEO Geoff Bezos seems quite satisfactory.

game live and watch the game video has become a global phenomenon, while Twitch has constructed a platform that can make every month on its platform to watch the game live billions of minute content tens of millions of users."

so, what kind of company is Twitch exactly? Why did Twitch choose Amazon instead of Google? Amazon what does Twitch need to bring to it?

these problems, through the Twitch round of investment side of the Huashan capital (WestSummitCapital) in charge of the partner Yang Lei description, may give us some answers.

why is Amazon?

Twitch was established in 2011, June. As a video site, the game has been an important part of the live Twitch platform. It is also the world’s largest gaming site and community. In addition, Twitch podcasts and video management capabilities, but also allows them to play video games all day, in order to attract more viewers.

but in its co-founder · Emmet (Emmett), it seems that Twitch’s ambition is not just that of the Shea.

"so we had a website, people can watch video, video chat, talking about here, you can think of a Twitch is the game live area of YouTube, but at the same time we are also a focus on the game content in social networks and media companies."

Twitch video content to Xbox and PlayStation live video and video release based, Youtube transaction will help it get a number of high-quality host game users. Google has been in the game industry for many years

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