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March 25th, China Internet Finance Association was held in Shanghai. Just a few days ago, the Boao forum, Internet banking is also the industry to explore the direction of the future of traditional financial and Inclusive Finance, the financial level of Internet banking is evident. In the first sub forum Boao forum "Inclusive Finance: the democratization of finance", former vice president of the Bank of Wudaokou, Dean of the Tsinghua University Institute of finance Wu Xiaoling bluntly, the essence of Inclusive Finance is to make a return of financial services, from the high temple to the people, from the financial industry to the enjoyment for the enterprise’s production, sales and service. For people’s consumption and investment services.

in fact, the nature of the financial services, inclusive finance is the future direction of the financial. More and more traditional financial institutions began to explore, study and research, and even a lot of Internet financial platform for cooperation, or to open up the online financial transactions, users explore and product promotion; Internet giants are also developing new Internet financial service mode.

financial civilian behind: inclusive financial services is an inevitable creation of life

for a long time, the country has always hoped that financial institutions in the business orientation to do more inclusive financial considerations. Previously, the CBRC issued on more than one time, not less than two, as well as the rural small and medium financial institutions to achieve a certain standard can be directed RRR and other incentives. However, at the Boao forum, Wu Xiaoling put forward the "financial civilian" appeal, in fact, the upper side of the upper part of the state of the financial situation of some dissatisfaction.

now the folk financial institutions mentioned, most people’s impression is still in addition to the "money" blank, finance has become the treasures shelved, became one of the few people to access to the service, far away from the public. At the Boao forum, China Investment Board Chairman Dong Wenbiao summed up the traditional financial ills, sinking in the first, the original Chinese financial system is mainly for state-owned enterprises and rich services; second, the traditional finance the formation of a concept: think big, do not want to do, just want to do even better things and do not want to do things that do a timely assistance, to eat the best year, a loan of 1 billion yuan, the best period of three years, five years, as a result of financial institutions wages and bonuses for the next 35 years have, won’t do.

track system in the interest rate era, the service cost of traditional financial institutions under the line have profit limit, lead to some of the traditional financial machine including bank teller machine consists of large enterprises, ordinary people once have financial needs, often there is no channel to release more low-level people more is not financial aid agencies.

takes credit as an example, the data shows, even the most mature central bank credit system also covers only 800 million people, of which there are records can credit groups mainly those with mature and stable economic capacity of the total population, only 300 million people. While the other 500 million natural person central bank credit system is only the basic information, credit is still a blank market.

such gaps appear more in agriculture

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