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in micro-blog search "bestie", can find about 85000000 related content, the word like jumping out of the shell seeds as white collar and grass root in the mouth, but beyond ridicule, comrade of this group does not in fact accepted by most people.

"now the portal will occasionally send some of the content of gay rights, but the comments are full of scolding." Gay dating website Blue Network founder Geng Le said. This is the thirteenth year that this website has passed.

from Wudaokou to the Tongzhou blue network office, has been close to 7 o’clock in the afternoon, there are some employees in overtime, the reporter walked into the office business, there are employees to take the initiative to greet me, Geng Le later told reporters, before I came, we have talked about I’m not gay, I ask that you feel I like you, Geng Le said with a smile: "like".

the blue network has 30 employees, 2 straight, a straight woman, the rest are gay (male homosexual). Blue net to choose office locations in a district of Tongzhou Beiyuan, as with the characteristics of this group of comrades, away from the mainstream crowd here. In an interview for more than an hour, Geng Le tells the story of a number of alternative entrepreneurial history.

from the police to the Webmaster: in the "flows" in business

"he asked me, do you know what kind of website you are? It’s a vulgar website! I said where it was vulgar, he said it was a violation of social morality!"

2000, the 23 year old Geng Le graduated from the police school, began his 12 year career in the Qinhuangdao police, at the same time, the use of spare time to create a free community "blue memories" in the NetEase, began to publish some of the article of comrade, in the Internet is not as time, slowly with some popular.

"no Internet before Comrade Dutch act rate is very high, there will be 70% men and heterosexual marriage, a girl to bring misfortune, his life is not happy. After the popularity of the Internet such a lot of improvement." Fortunately, they live in Yueqing Geng an Internet era. But Nitzsch said that when you look into the abyss, the abyss is also looking at you, the comrades find a sense of belonging on the Internet at the same time, but the site was a struggle in the abyss of the internet.

May 2006, blue memories officially renamed blue network, Geng Le began to build a team of formal operation, but at that time still gay websites are heterogeneous, like other gay website, blue network was shut down in a storm and network pornography crackdown.

in a Shanghai network crackdown, blue network was shut down again, Geng Le went to the relevant departments to coordinate, to ask the reason for the closure, "he asked me, do you know what is your website? I said it was a gay website, he said what is gay website you know.

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