2012 50 most personalized website

[review] America "times" (TIME) 50 of the most personal website ranking magazine launched, most sites are still unknown, these websites not only interesting, creative and attractive.


2012 50 most personal website (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and Technology (LE) Beijing time on September 24th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States, "time" (TIME) magazine released the list of the most personalized website every year. These websites are both interesting and informative, which can save you time and money, and may even change your life. Just like the previous ranking, 50 in the home of the most personalized website ranking of the magazine launched, most sites still unknown. Time magazine editors have found that these sites are not only interesting, creative and attractive, but also helpful to you.

1 LastPass website

security experts say you should use different passwords for each account. LastPass safely integrates multiple passwords into a password that is similar to a master key, automatically filling out a variety of network forms and synchronizing them on different computers you use. The simplified version is free, and the paid version costs $12 a year, allowing users to access mobile applications, remove ads and get support when needed.

2 Imo website

in June, Google (micro-blog) announced that it has closed its acquisition of online messaging service Meebo. Fortunately, the Imo website allows users to AIM, Facebook, Google, Talk and any other you might use IM services into a highly efficient browser application, this application will not download or install any software you need. Imo website also provides iOS version and Android version of the application, allowing users to dial VoIP phone.

3 SquareSpace website

the main blog platform upgrade version of SquareSpace 6, is to allow users to use the least technical knowledge to create the most beautiful, rich picture of the site. The user can select a template, and drag the various elements, and fill the content, thus optimizing it. It has a good function, that is, each SquareSpace site can be adjusted on the PC computer, tablet PC or mobile phone are shown the best state and performance. Unlike WordPress and Blogger, the service is not free, but costs $8 a month.

4 If Then That website


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