SP industry recruitment dilemma

      yesterday a friend came to me and asked if I could help find a programmer. I asked them to go to the recruitment and treatment, in fact, is not low, but my friend still told me that bad recruit. Let me help you recommend, I helped him to recommend to the SP network of excellence, let him go there to send a card to see.

      to the recent SP industry slowdown, great mobility, it should find people. Why not recruit? I think there are several reasons:

      1, the original SP is a quanqian industry, the original personnel have been fattened, treatment is very good. Today’s SP industry downturn, many people want to get the original salary, but it is not easy.

      2, the outlook for the industry down, resulting in a lot of people to switch.

      according to the above said, I want to say to all want to quit SPer.

      1, with a normal treatment of the problem, the original take 8K, now take 6K, think about other industries may also take your level is 6K. Deal with the problem of accumulation and wealth.

      2, the industry downturn is this industry early do some bad things (doing what everyone knows), this would not last long, now this kind of bad things can not be done, but do not lose confidence in the Sp industry.

      3, SP is a good industry, at least I think so. Think about the upcoming 3G, think about the reorganization of the operator, which has a lot of opportunities for everyone to prepare, who can find their own position in the emerging field, who will be able to earn the money.

      4, SP relative to other industries is still not fully developed industry, which also means that SP has more opportunities. Look at the SI, research wireless search, the opportunity is actually quite a lot of.

      5, according to Zhou Hongyi, now do business is a gamble, Wang Hou who is a loser. All industries are the same, including the SP industry. So in any industry.

      6, are you sure you want to switch to the friend, can go to related industries, such as the Internet industry, a lot of things still can be used on sp.

      7, able to open a restaurant and success is, after all, a few, no

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