The fate of the United States Mission review turning point a full face of Baidu Alibaba Ctrip



Yimin Han Xin Science and technology Tencent

distance from the United States, the public comment on the merger of the past year, in the Chinese Internet territory, the United States mission has become a review of the power can not be ignored.

but from O2O war slightly withdraw U.S. group comments, several giant has already stood on the front but the brightest new enemy – Chinese Internet has a huge influence.

after the merger tide in 2015, both drops fast, where Ctrip, or 58 market, the market seems to be established after the merger takes routine, but the U.S. group comment seems to be an exception.

in the field of O2O, the United States has an advantage, but not strong enough to destroy all enemies:

takeaway business face hungry, Baidu takeaway business in the siege, group purchase Baidu Nuomi, word-of-mouth network still let the group purchase market is variable, the hotel tourism business by Ctrip where to attack. Coupled with the sale of shares of the United States is to comment on the United States, the United States and the United States and the relationship between the group will continue to deteriorate.

certainly, beauty group has become the industry segments, group purchase comment takeaway, such as wine tour "unicorn", and business expansion at the same time, the competition is upgraded to the company behind the giant from the same volume of startups.

Although the

group comments current success, but this does not mean that it has bright future. When the giant four arrives, the U.S. Group reviews what the odds geometry?

growth equation

Occupy absolute advantage

beauty group comments after the merger failed like other company after the merger, the main reason lies in its line of business, so the search for enemies.

began to buy, not only buy. Buy from a single business, to the current development of the platform, the United States mission has its own growth law review.

2015, the United States Mission for organizational restructuring, the establishment of the four business groups: the beginning of July 1st, the establishment of business group takeaway delivery of tourism and hotel business group; in July 27th, set up shop business group, and the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of cat culture media Co. ltd..

U.S. mission comment CEO Wang Xing (micro-blog) earlier in the year had stated that 2015 is the focus of the U.S. mission network platform to build, build an ecological year. Intensive adjustment of the organizational structure is the specific manifestation of the development of Wang xing.

beauty group to conduct group purchase business segments, not initially, at the beginning of the architecture, divided into PC and mobile terminal. Fierce is a significant label of the United States, which can be seen from the development of its new business style.

to take away, for example, the United States at the beginning of the group decision to take the opportunity to take out the business, so the separation of a few people to try, according to the results of the trial to increase investment, the establishment of the takeaway business. This is a typical growth path of beauty business segments, cat’s eye, wine is also tour started from a few people in a small team.


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