Present personal website has entered the era of capital

the early Internet, as Columbo discovered the new continent. The pioneer circle on a piece of land, you can start your own construction. At that time, very few online resources, personal webmaster to many of the information, pictures on the Internet, to make a great contribution to the rich network resources. At the same time, access to considerable site traffic. At that time, more for the sake of interest, very few commercial interests. After all, the company has not been in the Internet advertising awareness.

later in the major sites and warlords, when the hegemony of the internet. Has a large number of visitors to the personal website has become the object of a positive commercial sites, but also from the commercial website to make money on the advertising costs. Taobao was born in the year, eBay and the portal signed an agreement, shall not be put on the Taobao ad. Is the promotion of personal Adsense alliance, creating a Taobao today. Guide a user to 10 yuan, and now can not see such a promotional price.

dust settles. The Internet is completely different. Large commercial sites to complete their original accumulation. To verify the various profit model to attract more capital into the internet. The tentacles of commercial sites have been extended to the small corner has been neglected. Personal websites are getting harder and harder. The role of capital is not only reflected in the large commercial website, the grassroots level in the individual website is more and more obvious. 1, the popularity of software tools.

good tools can liberate people’s hands, can increase the efficiency of work times. For example, the Links caoshangfei batch query tool. If the manual to check whether the other party to revoke your chain, whether it can play open, you need a query dozens of links. The batch query tool as long as 1 minutes, you can give a clear form results.

as well as blog group, e-mail group, QQ group and other promotional tools. If a person manually to publish one thousand blog posts, constantly landing exit may take a whole day time. The software can be in place.

the better the software, the more expensive the price. Spend a lot of time to find the cracked version, perhaps just kill you a lot of time.

2, the hot chain trading.

black chain flood will not say. Look at the chain are set. CCTV!!! Guangming! China radio network! You can think of the station, are sold. You don’t say, one-way chain effect is really good. As long as you have money, only you buy for a long time. The weight of your station, PR all will get up.

start empty-handed personal station, may be through 1, 2 years to climb PR5, the possibility to PR6 very little more. But as long as you have money, a few months, you can have these.

3, a common site trading.

site trading intermediary should be the first to start a profitable A5 project, in addition to A5, there is no >

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