Sum up my 29 years of life lessons

is too easy to be good and personnel instantly moved to shed tears of disappointing, in fact, instead of being moved, as usual to do so moved to no chance of happening, moved mostly from the good things not too long, even rare, there should not be


perfection, anti jingzuan too far, fine to do, but also know how to leave room for others to turn around, the appropriate gap can harmonious interaction, what is your whole family, only nod with shaking his head, he seems to be equal to anything, all-inclusive, actually far away from the people, and not to close, even if you is God, also don’t think only accept worship, and you don’t have the ability to have the old thinking that exhausted the perfect in every respect, so that you


to develop space coordinates, direction, will have power, can not have the goal, but also to stimulate their enemies, not to produce an imaginary hardships for the worst, Americans are more than Chinese understand this truth, sometimes they need not dominate the rule, but the survival need, because is the boss, not enough of a threat to his world, a long time will inevitably suffer paralysis, so remind themselves of their enemies is how strong, many, Jianjiao, need to guard against and take the initiative, rather like the ancient China admission China disdain the outside world;

know you are better than others is useless, you have to show better than others, only see gold as dirt realm is useless, you have to take the gold, and through the vicissitudes of the world, never say was born into the world, even if the two ideas really, others only the former words at


implementation of the 28 rules, find ways to spend the twenty per cent of work effort to achieve others eighty per cent of performance, light industry and perseverance is of no use, you can have a hard ground Planting Farmers? You must adhere to the outstanding member of the Communist Party. After the death of the famous? We want to live successfully, the key is to go to the direction of luck this thing uncertain, don’t expect to be invincible, pure such things in the story will be Dan potian although such special cases, but not billion to pick one, don’t expect you to be the one I pick in the people, in their own no enough ability and opportunity to know how to borrow the tree shade, taking advantage of development, but the vision needs appropriate advance, do not advance to alert to timely follow-up, where to look, in daily life care and insight, on all aspects of society and the vertical comparison, finally by waiting for Emmanuel Zhaxian;

do not rush to correct the error, the wrong change is right, but eager to rectify will find more change more wrong, because the cool enough, after always mistake found the original problem solving method is more simple, even wrong to change the problem into surprise;

money is earned out, not out of the province, not to say that thrift is not good, but to develop verve, Da Ge Bureau examined the mentality, the degree of potential habit, don’t waste your time in the market to bargain with the people, which is not only a waste of time, but also your spirit, wisdom to kill the

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