Figure PO us contact with investors to raise 750 million

in August this year, the news said the company plans to figure in Hongkong in the fourth quarter of this year’s IPO (IPO), valuation of more than $5 billion, raising the amount of up to 5 to $1 billion. Because in a quiet period before the listing, Mito company has not made any official response to the rumors, but from various investors and employees within the company can be seen, Mito company IPO has been close at hand.

recently, according to Bloomberg news, Mito company this week and some investors in Hongkong, London, New York and Boston contact, understand these investors for the value demand of IPO, and in the next week, Mito will choose the Asian investors before the start of the roadshow management.


(the United States figure in the prospectus is inserted in the Meitu Xiu Xiu renderings photo: Cao Shanshi @

)It is reported that the Hong Kong

Mito IPO set a new target for the financing of about $750 million, to be used in the intelligent mobile phone business expansion will raise about 35% of the capital, although most people understand the MiTo mobile phone business is Meitu Xiu Xiu and beat app, but can really bring a lot of revenue is Mito mobile phone for this company, Mito prospectus disclosed intelligent mobile phone business to occupy in the first half of 2016 the company’s revenue 95.1%. In addition, 25% of the financing will be put into other strategic investments and mergers and acquisitions.

valuation, according to the news of the first financial gain, if the United States will sell most of the IPO shares to Chinese investors, it is possible to achieve $5 billion or higher valuation.

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