Jiubang digital content publishers alleged infringement claims 20 million

reporter Lv Yin from Guangzhou

from 2005 to the present, Guangzhou Youth Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Youth Literature" (3G) and jiubang digital portal for web hosting) the novel copyright infringement lawsuit as the marathon, has lasted 8 years.

"ten years (tort) evidence chain, for youth literature, this damage is devastating." In mid July, Wu Jinwen, chairman of youth literature detailing the company suffered combat infringement status to the weekly Times reporter, has been unable to operate on the verge of trouble "".

at 4 p.m. on July 17th, the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court in the trial of the case in the second instance of the fifth court. Youth literature chairman Wu Jinwen and general manager Wu Danyang on behalf of the appeal party youth literature in court, the defendant jiubang digital side by Shi Ze law firm Wang Linzhu, Han Dongmei represented in court.

it is understood that the 4185 dispute involving works of literature, which bloom had 4 times against 2 appeals, 11 cases of hearing complaints about the problem and reply to the request letter. Earlier, in the negotiations, President of digital jiubang Zhang Xiangdong offered to pay 1 million 500 thousand yuan plus Cooperation Commission reached a settlement, but Wu Danyang said they did not accept, raised 20 million yuan claims, negotiations did not reach consensus.

Zhang Xiangdong, President of digital jiubang once through the media after mediation fails, the relationship between jiubang digital and youth literature is not the beginning of the conflict, both sides had been copyright cooperation, such cooperation is not only later recognized each other, the two sides in court.

Mobile Internet Co – jiubang digital

portal from Saipan era started, GO desktop applications, rely on management for the Android system in November 22, 2013, officially listed on the nasdaq. This fee is applied in the habit of buying genuine online content overseas, the development of handy.

day before the weekly Times reporter learned from the long state digital, the first quarter of 2014, revenues for the literature jiubang 27 million 500 thousand yuan, 3G portal revenues of 10 million 700 thousand yuan, while the new mobile business applications and services revenue of 48 million 700 thousand yuan, an increase of 103.2%, mainly due to the on-line by the end of 2010 GO desktop products related marketing revenue growth of 205.3%.

listed after 2014, in the increasingly strict copyright rules trend, 3G portal and content providers cooperation model in the hitherto unknown test. According to reports, if the copyright case to be compensated, will be the first large-scale overseas listed companies in the digital publishing industry copyright reimbursement. The day before, the weekly Times reporter on the case to contact jiubang digital, but company insiders said that in the case before the trial ended, jiubang digital does not respond to the outside world.

8 years copyright lawsuit

for 8 years, jiubang digital and youth literature.

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