APP which companies in the brush list of nternet companies indispensable technology


text / Lu Xucheng

CTO and micro-blog on the DXY as activists, Feng Dahui often received such a message: "brother, your application is good, I just had some experience and the amount of software available for download ranking can communicate together with my qqXXX."

see this message, Feng Dahui often hated teeth itch. He said his company worked as "drug assistant" experience and promotion of products, some opponents through the brush list means very easily rushed in front of the apple store list.

like Feng Dahui, the company has been the number of mobile Internet entrepreneurs have a lot of trouble. Many entrepreneurs to tell the entrepreneur, generally do their own new APP release or update the old version of the APP, the company will brush the list of sales staff in micro-blog or some applications to see the market, immediately posted on the initiative.

Sina micro-blog

on a @APPStore brush list of those things account, master monkey is the Internet practitioners, claiming to be "see all kinds of brush roll piercing eye, fraud illegal operation of real villain. The gold hoop iron rod, the playing of Haier fradulent pose as a person of high morals. Whether Apple, Laosun tube". He saw the brush list as the mobile Internet in the gutter oil, the use of a tool called APPFigures, every day to monitor the ranking curve of the domestic APP applications, once discovered that the exception of exposure. Named by him, including a number of well-known companies.

those who do brush list business

September 21st, entrepreneur reporter to the developer’s identity, plus a micro-blog search on the initiative to hunt the list of companies salesman Huang Jun. He claimed to be Kyushu media staff, should come up on a request to the service price list (see table), and explain the "tax" column means that if you want to invoice to pay the corresponding tax. Reporters asked him whether there is a discount price, he apparently wanted to contribute to this single business:

see how many you want to brush, how long to maintain. Long term, I will go to the boss with the price, the price is just adjusted."

(Apple Store) free total list of the top 25, last a week."

"with no invoice?"


iPhone version of the right,


right, iPhone top25, Chong list 16 thousand yuan, to maintain a day of 13 thousand and 500 yuan."

"do you say the punch list is completed within a day?"

"yes, basically around 6 o’clock p.m.."

"is that (ranked) curve too obvious?"

brush list is an open secret, we are doing. Apple on the sudden (curve) >

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