n the statement some media reported jurisprudence name is incorrect


technology news February 2nd morning news, Shandong famous local portal site in a statement today (http://s.news.e23.cn/Content/2010-02-02/201020200191.html), according to some media reports in the jurisprudence issue, mistake the domain name writing e23.net clarification. Shun said, e23.net is not in the domain name registration, and its content further carried out self-examination.

according to previous media reports, Shun net (www.e23.cn) in January 27, 2010 to about 17:00 in January 29th during 11:30 to visit. The domain name service provider network Chinese said received Internet Information Center (CNNIC) of the notice, Shun net involved in pornographic and other illegal information, so the domain name resolution. (Shu Shi)

the following statement:

related to shun net

in recent days, the media and the Internet hype "(www.e23.net) in jurisprudence, in this regard, in the solemn statement: www.e23.net is not in the correct domain name, domain name registration, Shun net is www.e23.cn; the correct domain name: www.e23.com.cn, Shun net forum, please the majority of Internet users and the media to distinguish between right and wrong.

in a socially responsible, we further self-examination, in www.e23.cn and www.e23.com.cn were not found in the forum "illegal" information and pornographic content.

at the same time, in January 2010 29 in the announcement also made further investigation and verification, which involves some misunderstanding of China Internet Network Information Center and Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd. related content, this clarification of China and external Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd. (NETs) given to thanks to the help and support


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