DEDECMS system T Platon lecture content

DEDECMS system IT Platon lecture content

DEDECMS system application skills, by our DEDECMS developers to lecture, expert lecture is really good, I hope some friends have seen all look at, I put the content of the lecture IT Platon

came out for the purpose of convenience we have not seen the webmaster, I hope everyone likes! Thank you

if it is convenient, the QQ group open the window to full screen, that I had today is to fully Dede about some intermediate application problems, but I’m afraid the time is limited, only a part, so

home when I did not ask to try to quiet a little

DedeCms is what, I will not say here, because here will listen to the use of DedeCms skills should be able to understand what it is, we search some information on the Internet, may be a small

heart into a station is developed with DedeCms.

because this lecture is an intermediate tutorial, so too basic things I do not speak, then because many people on the installation of the Dedecms environment is a problem, I am here to say

version of the DedeCms V5 before the installation is very simple, agreed to use the agreement, fill in some basic information, click on the installation can be completed immediately, in the V5 version, there is a relatively perfect

system environment to check the page, if you are using a Windows host, the general default configuration under the installation of DedeCms is very simple to complete the


is false

to host, you need to specify the database name. As for possible security mode warnings, the Win host is negligible.

(2) Linux/UNIX: a lot of people are complaining about the existence of Dedecms in the Linux system is not compatible, in fact, we do not understand the main cause of Linux, especially DedeCmsV5, the module is

selected, such as directory permissions are not suitable, in the Linux may cause a lot of errors.


type problems, but later found that many places are not feasible, and the process is too complex, so many places did not consider this issue in the new version, it is simple in the DedeCms is not

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