Network dating swept the United States spawned billions of scale industries


Internet has increasingly become an important place for people to find love

network in Beijing on February 11th, according to voice of China "global Chinese radio network" reported that a few days before the Western Valentine’s day. The latest survey in the United States found that the Internet is increasingly becoming an important place for people to find love, people who can access the Internet more likely to find the other half. At the same time, the network may soon be replaced by friends, became the main channel for American blind date.

there is a song called "I only have eyes for you without him", the network is full, the reality is very skinny. In the United States, how to avoid the Internet dating to see death, how to ensure that "I only have you in his eyes," the connection "global Chinese radio network," U.S. observer Zhou Yong.

host: in the United States online dating is a fashion, give us a description of the situation.

Zhou Yong: in fact, the world of Internet communication means more convenient to contact, but on the other hand, Indoorswoman Indoorsman also talked about online dating website, surely we are not unfamiliar, recent reports said, with the development of industry has billions of online dating sites, in fact we have suspected two people according to the traditional understanding of the way how could the light, never married, reliable Internet to life? Before two people know it is hard to decide together this is almost impossible, thousands of "public media matchmaker" business how to give an invisible line to replace, but there are three classical problems we also asked for thousands of years, people can decide whether to stay in love, falling in love, the first is the age and region, second is two people have no understanding, the third is the living environment Can it be harmonious?

Moderator: online dating, online life. Virtual network, real life. How do you answer these questions just now?

Zhou Yong: eHarmony is the popular social networking site, to pay a membership fee to become a member, in fact there are many similar sites in the United States have been the Internet industry is hot, take the eHarmony, it will ask 250 questions, 29 questions are related to the surface, are relatively wide, to resolve the contradictions, disposition, whether there is kindness, whether there is a cause of heart, some people think that in fact, eHarmony system is based on years of experience and research, including a lot of people personality, values, interests, how to get along with people, how satisfied and so on.

studies show that the blind date is also in line with the fast people nature, generally know someone is quick, not too good at careful study of archives, then find their own, so no need to spend a lot of cost must be very expensive dating sites, find a relatively cheap website try is fine, of course to I believe the traditional way, because sometimes you cannot pass through the archives and electronic.

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