Ali 1 billion acquisition cup with online selling prescription drugs or release


text / Liu Yanqing

"This is a Alibaba

cup!" on May 28th, the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the State Food and Drug Administration) released "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") but two hours, a person in charge of medicine the electricity supplier to issue such a comment on WeChat.

earlier this year, Alibaba spent 1 billion 37 million yuan acquisition of CITIC twenty-first Century (0241.HK) of the shares of 54.3%. Industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Ali make such a big acquisition, fancy is CITIC twenty-first Century’s eye Hebei medical technology company 95095 pharmaceutical sales platform in November last year to get the third party online drug transaction certificate. But in the Alibaba Tmall medical Pavilion justifiably sell drugs but 4 months, by the State Food and Drug Administration drafted this paper "draft", not only will relax the approval of third party transaction management platform, and even put forward who meet the Internet business platform requirements will be the sale of prescription drugs


prescription drugs can be sold online or

has been out of safety considerations, the state for the Internet sale of drugs has very strict rules, including prescription drugs (editor’s note: prescription drugs refers to drugs that must hold a medical prescription to buy. These drugs usually have a certain degree of toxicity or other potential effects, so the use of drugs and medication time have special requirements, under the guidance of a doctor to take it is completely prohibited sales. The State Food and Drug Administration in 2007 issued the "twenty-first measures" supervision and management of drug circulation stipulates: drug production and business enterprises shall not by mail or by Internet trading, direct sales of prescription drugs to the public. In other words, even if it is to get the Internet drug transaction service qualification certificate and the Internet drug information service certificate, the legitimate pharmaceutical electricity supplier also banned the sale of prescription drugs.

but the State Food and Drug Administration drug cosmetics regulatory Secretary Li Guoqing as early as October last year when it comes to regulate the Internet sale of drugs had said publicly that, from the perspective of market development, the ban will be broken sooner or later. Currently only online sales of non prescription drugs, can not sell prescription drugs in disguise. This policy will certainly be adjusted in the future. The biggest potential for selling drugs online is not selling over-the-counter drugs, but selling prescription drugs." Li Guoqing said.

he was on "China Economic Weekly" revealed that due to the drug circulation management approach has been far from old to meet the requirements of the present situation, the State Food and drug administration is working on a standard Internet drug transaction management approach.

was released after six months, the "draft" in article eighth clearly pointed out: "the Internet drug operators shall be in accordance with the requirements of the drug classification management, prescription sales of prescription drugs; prescription.

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