Finnciti website suspected MLM should be vigilant

Xinhua Fuzhou August (reporter Mi Yingting) recently, Fujian public security departments, industry and commerce departments have received a report from the masses network, Quanzhou and other places there are some people involved in Finnciti’s network marketing. Finnciti formerly known as smicap company, the company name for the development of online advertising services, but by means of suspected MLM illegal money using the Internet, followed by the new joined the staff pay to pay on bonuses and rebates. In this regard, public security, industry and commerce departments jointly issued tips: do not rely on such pyramid schemes, in order to avoid economic losses.

investigation, Finnciti website claiming to be a well-known international website, replaced by a virtual game currency to buy dollars, virtual stock market. Through the manipulation of the virtual stock market is only up or down, the name of the banner of rapid enrichment, access to illegal interests. The entire game site is only displayed in English, no Chinese interface. In addition, the site charges up to 10% of the fee, and forced users to buy back the 30%.

this type of network fraud is more dangerous than other traditional pyramid schemes, and does not require any cost. Because there is no sale of any products, all transactions are virtual objects in the system, any numerical organizations can easily modify the database cheated users, including the number of tokens, conversion ratio, the income of users, virtual price, virtual stock market, everything is in its operation.

currently, the organization in Fujian, Guangdong area spread rapidly. The business sector suggests that although the site has not yet appeared fracture of funds problem, but once the operation to a certain stage, is likely to be shut down, the loss of capital, the outbreak site absconded and other adverse consequences.

for such suspected MLM activities, Fujian Province Industrial and commercial departments of public security, to remind the masses to enhance the awareness and ability to resist MLM, do not believe the so-called high return, low risk investment, once deceived, should be timely alarm.

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