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station network (www.admin5.com) July 3rd news, the first half of the 13 years has imperceptibly passed, in the second half of this time is over, I believe that Baidu algorithm update did not make the webmaster less to worry about! Today we have to sum up Baidu and Google algorithm updates which have.

first launched at the beginning of this year, Scindapsus algorithm. Scindapsus algorithm is mainly for the sale of connection behavior, super chain intermediary, sell link website, buy links will be affected in different degrees. The introduction of the algorithm to effectively curb malicious exchange links, the behavior of the release of the chain, effectively purify the Internet ecosystem.

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Scindapsus algorithm of three kinds of sites will be affected

after Baidu webmaster platform SEO expert Lee published an article on the original project. This article mainly expounds why attention should be paid to the original collection, very cunning, very difficult, Baidu original identification recognition of the original road to walk?

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in order to protect high-quality pages and suppress low-quality pages, for containing a large number of low quality pop ads and a large number of confusing page main content spam page update algorithm, the on-line algorithm of pomegranate.

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Google rankings seem to be a new idea to encourage this practice. In the past, thought Google’s ranking algorithm is explicitly mentioned should pay attention to "links", and now "links" seems to be not so straightforward mentioned. There is also the role of the chain, obviously, but stressed that the share of two words, which means that social networking sites will become more important links. And those who don’t try to "manage" the chain of people, may also have the territory to survive, but for the content and requirements, especially the original (because of the word creating in the formulation of new and updated), see more heavy.

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yesterday, Baidu Update 2 Scindapsus also caused the public opinion, Scindapsus algorithm 2 is mainly aimed at the promotion of soft paper, for some soft trading will bring some impact.

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2 update algorithm focus on the promotion of green soft

in fact, if the update release, we read a series of Baidu in the first half of the algorithm, we can find that Baidu made these adjustments have only one purpose, that is to purify the Internet air, pay attention to original content. As for the webmaster, but also how to do it? Of course, the creation of high-quality original, user centric, efforts to purify the Internet air. This is the right path for a website to grow up!


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