The popularization of the novel website Continued

designed a novel website promotion method to you yesterday, today to make a lot of friends, and they discuss the specific details of the novel website promotion, A5 is really a good place, what time can be the same as the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan and A5 status, the majority of owners in mind and I have the same idea: do 9A webmaster Wangzhuan like A5, to be able to help! Well, the new method below we talk about fiction website promotion again:

1 circle promotion novel website: do not know is that bastard said the arrival of Web3.0 era, so SNS websites are everywhere, look at the SNS site is not the so-called circle, we can do this, registered several ID, and then their copy several comments on the novel, and then add the fiction circle no, never mind?, you can build the best ah, your choice of SNS class website is the story, and then write the article, this circle of people to see your article to your site will bring some good article, note that the best every day to write to make your website has a link to the article at the top, and the title of the article on the novel, try to lure a specific operational level, see you.

2 exchange channel promotion novel: I didn’t know that N wanted to swap website promotion channel, this is really a good way, it is you a person in the website promotion, exchange channel after two more than even suddenly is personal in the promotion of the website, you don’t worry about what to lose, you have to think about what do you have? What did not, does not change the absolute flow rarely change, traffic is likely to increase, why not hold a win-win opportunity, and I do not say no and you change, you first have to adjust the thought, a day of family and IP several thousands of change, change in strange to you first! And you find the same level, even without you, like holding the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan ( the same idea — all services flow does not go on it.

3 novel class QQ group promotion method: this method requires you to have a certain economic base, the operation process is that, to find the starting point by quite hot novels, these novels touch the author said that in order to better communicate with the majority of books, is willing to provide him with free QQ group, the author will tell the reader QQ group, and then you get on in your website group bulletin advertising, this effect is good, the people who don’t speak of regular cleaning, to ensure the flow of blood is fresh.

today to write here, and so have time to write to you!

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