4 misunderstandings of enterprise WeChat operation and the 3 solutions

like website construction is just emerging as today’s website has become the enterprise standard, WeChat public number is also in website construction way, has become standard business, a little planning company without running a WeChat public no one feel shy. The main products sold by advertising enterprises is in droves.

similarly, we follow the trend will follow suit, Weihai day a network on a number of companies operating WeChat public number of errors, write out for everyone to discuss.

, no location: actually said no location is not too fair, the leadership of the company opened WeChat when there is definitely a positioning, but the positioning is the so-called ambiguous, such as a manufacturing enterprises to establish a public release of WeChat news, company culture, look like from the hi company boss has not be in full swing. Thought, this is to see who, watching people assess what you will pay attention to the enterprise culture of

company news??

two, as long as the rose powder: first, WeChat public group of media attribute number is the number of fans on the Internet, like traditional media or 1 times the same thinking, depending on the quantity, the so-called flow have income. Weihai Tianyi network company boss only sees this one-sided side, that’s how the micro signal also has a Babaiyiqian fans, or feel shy and circle of friends say they have a WeChat public number.

so, the operators want to break the head to find a variety of interesting articles, all the title of the party, all copy copy, only to rise several unrelated industries of the fans, seemingly good report. So also gave birth to the new Taobao business, selling fans, like micro-blog to sell powder, WeChat fans are zombie powder, looking at the head, there is a brief introduction of the number is actually dead. Of course, the leadership satisfaction, the following people have completed the task, in fact, fell into a vicious circle.

three, engage in activities: the boss has certain understanding, the operator must have the ability, but also think of the rose powder active fans, can not engage in a number of dead fly well, so the amount of reading which comes from? 10 thousand fly only a few hundred of reading or not yet, so all kinds of festival activities have started, large do not say, bar will not fall, domestic and foreign is not enough, plus, wish every day to engage in activities, let the fans together.


‘s tight grip, the first set like the simple and efficient way can’t play, then to vote, set all kinds of threshold to get you attention, crazy canvassing researchers which of these, in order to honor, to vote maxed circle of friends, until now the vote or taking home this is not tired by means of NO.1.

four, universal participation: know can not send corporate culture, company news, know that as long as the number of fans do not want to know the quality, not only active enough, but also income. So, the XXX appears. The real estate of the people of the economy, the three distribution of micro dealers are the way to go a certain way of the people, seemingly win-win way, to the end of their own enterprises in the hi!

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