How to run the learning community


The concept of

community in recent years is more popular in the mobile Internet, everyone can ear cooked, "are known to all logic thinking is a learning community, what yanxishe similar to this community too much, Yang Zi is not here to introduce, everyone thought that Yang Zi was too much in advertising for them (I don’t want to do for them advertising here).

on the success of community building, in Yang Zi seems less than three core ideas:

1, the social impact of the founder’s personal brand is big enough.

2, community creators or community managers can continue to provide value for the original members of the group content, can continue to solve the problem for members of the group.

3, the community can continue to maintain a certain degree of activity, whether it can build a good social incentive system.

More than

is currently a community to create the necessary three core ideas, such as friends who hold different views or have more and better friends to welcome Tucao message. For the above three points of view put forward by Yang Zi is not here to share.


here we take a look at the nine method how fun learning communities:

the online community operation are discussed, not to discuss the details of the trader line. Below I will discuss the 9 aspects of the specific design of our online learning community system and operating steps.

1, how quickly let everyone familiar with each other, reduce communication costs

in the group, everyone needs to fill in detailed personal information. The main contents of personal information include:

position, industry, personal development path;

personal good at the field (channel resources integration, planning, copywriting, interactive design, thinking ability, etc.);

personal appeal (cross boundary information, solve the problems in the work, the focus of attention, product operation of technical problems, the concept of guidance, job search, recruitment, etc.);

personal interest (easy to carry out the activities of the line), there are many details can be described.

this step actually many group may be doing, not detailed information. But basically all of the group are not the sharing of information, but only for himself. In my opinion, in the early days of social operation, the information must be shared, so that everyone can understand each other, to quickly find the right person to solve the problem.

The specific way is:

sharing seed users share the same information, late stage, along with the expansion of population size, can have a name and company to omit, by keeping him. The advantage is that even if the list leaked out, it will not result in loss of personnel, will not cause everyone

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