Analysis of user behavior in social media companies how to do micro blog marketing


in micro-blog large data, user behavior is more elusive or regular seek? Whether the data reflects the real situation? What is the data collection, data analysis of what is? Whether companies are confused in the data see? @ @ Liu De assistant micro-blog companies invited guest atlas enterprises micro-blog talk, and share with you how the analysis of user behavior on social media.


What is the significance of

data mining for social media?

analysis of the role of data in the end how much, how should we rely on data to do more things?

real data is the most basic marketing staff, the equivalent of the significance for the army.

how to effectively mine data, rather than stay on the surface of the


I told my students that there is no free, free play on micro-blog for more than 8 months, do not talk about analysis, do not talk about mining. Mining must be built on the basis of experience, massive data trap too much. The surface of the direct use of IT finishing, it is impossible to achieve insight into consumers.

to what extent can be called data mining, data mining should be able to achieve what purpose.

data processing is the most basic display of data processing, data mining is the formation of the user data analysis. The basic purpose of data mining is to understand the consumer, to better meet the consumer. Data collation is a list of data mining is to discover knowledge.

network research and social media complement each other

market research, in particular, network research and social media how to effectively combine


first, the number of people to accurately determine the guidance characteristics, can make the network research and social media complement each other; secondly, social media can play a similar role in network research, but can not replace; third, the market research company to real attention network living and consumption behavior of people.

user behavior analysis in social media, what is a better framework or model?

Construction of

trend: ethnic detection: life form — large data validation.

enterprises how to do micro-blog marketing

social media marketing era, it was said that the content is king, there are voices issued channel king". How to combine the two, the enterprise and where to go from here?

for micro-blog, the content is the premise and the core, always content is king. Channel just because now we are too concerned about the appearance of such a forwarding factor, which is a lot of attention. In fact, the accuracy of the channel, not to be able to solve the forwarding. A large micro-blog, bring a large amount of forwarding, with marketing

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