The headlines who is behind the negative marketing success

In recent days the

is red, red, let Wang Feng envy, the firm is not only the headlines, articles, and Ma Yili, Yao Di, uniform search index to the stars on the up. The letter of apology has become a lot of users spoof object, a variety of articles appeared on the Internet, as well as Ma Yili’s classic answer, and the line and cherish". In fact, as the majority of the crowd, more are watching the state of mind, a lot of similar events in the entertainment industry, but the star of this negative news can make their attention greatly enhanced. In fact, this is a successful case of negative marketing, and some won the box office, the reputation of the trash film, the more users Tucao, the more people have to watch. From the article derailed this event, we are seriously thinking about who is behind the flames, who is planning a similar Internet hype incident?

team: the paparazzi photographed articles derailed irrefutable evidence

Although the

and Yao Di two action is very cautious, but finally the paparazzi, the two intimate photos of the evidence, the article only admitted in micro-blog, and wrote a letter of apology. The paparazzi is a key negative marketing success, if there is no such role, then estimate who does not know that is the article and Yao Di. With the common Internet hype, sometimes users also acts as a "paparazzi" role, of course, more cases are planners intentional. For example: Shenzhen’s most beautiful girl event, in fact, is behind the scenes carefully orchestrated, in order to promote the business or products to enhance the visibility of the business. Let a 90 girl in the street to feed a beggar, next to the natural responsible for taking pictures, then write an article on the web touch one deeply in the heart. In general, such information will attract a lot of users onlookers, slowly click rate went up.

The team behind

: network Navy as well as major entertainment media

in some large community forums, lurks a lot of water, the water network is the driving force behind the hired, the purpose is to let a son quickly became popular, even by top moderator. Such posts are very large, and then spread like a virus on the Internet in the major sites, micro-blog, this time many entertainment media have begun to pay attention to. And the power of the media is more powerful, as long as a report, basically this event is successful. The more controversial news, more attractive to ordinary people’s attention, such as lotus, Xifeng and other Internet reds, they quickly became popular in condemning, the fundamental reason is that Internet users have a kind of aesthetic mentality. Especially at the bottom, unhappy life of netizens, see like "Fengjie" characters, heart will have a sense of superiority. This is a common human mentality, at this stage, the network Navy and entertainment media as "the headlines with a strong.

onlookers: the Internet love to see the net friend

if the number of the network Navy is very limited.

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