Forum to promote a number of new ideas

a few days ago, figure wangdage in the online publication of "forum to promote free door", even the old all said so, it seems now to do BBS promotion is really difficult, at least according to the traditional mode is difficult to promote.

rookie today suddenly flashes, have some ideas, maybe we can do this, there will be a little effect.

first, you can find some good writing pen, after a certain influence has certain promotion consciousness, just on which fire forum, knock on the keyboard, our website news from irrigation by community partition’s Inn had been knocked to the top.

or you can find a bunch of vest, the signature set all the Jackie Chan gate station signs, then ran all the forum all the irrigation water, let others do not know that we are here to.

or, simply put the famous vest community here, with our special guests every day, from the Internet to find the lost son anyway, the world is a big assorted cold dishes, copy, you will not copy copy copy, OK, you are our website gold writer, a copy is not good you are big website hero, was always complaint was removed to Claudia, famous difficult, however, since want to be famous, not good bad, do not you see, Qin Kui also spread through the ages, although this is eternal with spittle.

if these tricks are not a top climate, there is a trick: use special kill. According to the user, these methods have good publicity and making two features simple, easily find what the card can catch a lot of canoeing, but must be a good name, such as "PK" in the history of a flower, and the "big ten" album network, by the way, this the ten is the Sohu is currently the most popular things, even the global MM can crown ten goat in the name of our ten killer is pale into insignificance by comparison.

finally, I just want to tell myself, everything can not be fast, but the refinement of abuse, abuse is rampant abuse, not three excessive abuse, understand?!

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