Zhong Zhixin network marketing strategy has its own characteristics

in order to attract the attention of the user, it is best to come up with a real and others do not like the project, have their own characteristics. From the following four simple to talk about my views

1, do the first

anything first names can let people deeply remember. For example, the Olympic champion, this is absolutely a lot of people remember, and remember the possibility of runner up is much smaller than the championship, this is because the ads on TV are please why the Olympic champion to shoot, and not to please the runner up. The first is the "famous brand", others can not get away. Like the four portal station Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, is because of the relatively early, in the hearts of the user has been printed a deep trace, we know that the news to go to these large sites. If you want to do a portal site, it is very difficult to do, unless you and Tencent, there is a huge user base. There is a Sina micro-blog, is also the first launch of micro-blog, when it comes to you the first affirmation is Sina micro-blog, of course, you may say there is no way to Tencent, the Tencent, the user group is too large, now basically the Internet will have QQ ten thousand words omitted, you know. There are like Ma Yun’s Alibaba, Taobao, etc., are the first example of such a lot of examples in this is not an example. Anyway, as far as possible to find no one has done, or a small competition projects.

2, have their own characteristics

in all products tend to homogenization, any new product will be your product and other competitors. Or by the Tencent pat for example, we all know seckill, Tencent made a special offer today, nature and seckill almost, this is the equivalent of an all-weather seckill platform, basically is ten minutes seckill a product, or a very sought after, before I went to grab, basically ten times before there is a successful. Spike first should be the first to come out of Taobao, but n was held for a long time. The pat is different, every day, and the interval is not long, this is to have a new feature.

3, vertical, specialized

if the target ten times the scale is relatively large, the site can also focus on vertical areas. For example, the country has a lot of social networks, into the school, happy network, watercress, etc.. Social networking has been a trend of the long tail. There is a 5gme site, there is no attempt to compete with these sites, it is located in the social networking site it site. Such a location allows users to have a stronger sense of belonging, are seen in the IT sector celebrities, so users are also more involved, more in line with interest. For example, now there are many webmaster do portals, but they are not the four portals that nationwide, but the local portal station, the main crowd is the local users, after all, is a local, certainly very concerned about some of the local news and other information. The most typical case is the nineteen floor of Hangzhou, this is the place to do fame, I believe we all know that this is not to say

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