Leave the potato king wants to build a Chinese minimally invasive spotlight animation version of pix

Wang Wei

Phoenix Technology News

Wang Wei is a serial entrepreneur, he is the founder and former CEO video sharing website tudou.com, the spotlight animation founder. Born in 1973 in Fujian, Fuzhou, Wang Wei holds a MBA degree from the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) and a master’s degree in computer science from the Johns Hopkins University.

prior to the creation of tudou.com, Wang Wei is the headquarters of Germany’s business development director and CEO of Bertelsmann online Chinese. After six years of hard work, potatoes network successfully listed on NASDAQ in August 17, 2011. One year after the listing, Tudou announced Youku merger.

August 24, 2012 morning, Wang Wei published on his micro-blog Tanabata night, seven years of potatoes, officially retired tonight. Thanks to each of the brothers and sisters, but also thank the people who passed through the road in the story left a color… The next interesting dream goodbye".

left Youku potatoes after Wang Wei established an animation film company, intended to create Chinese version of pixar". In May 8, 2013, Wang Wei officially announced the name of the new animation studios for spotlight animation. Wang Wei played for the San Francisco ballet company scripting. He believes that his understanding of art and technology, coupled with the experience of working with local content developers in the potato, will enable the development of animation film studio.

China chronicle has cultural characteristics and international first-class animation film in the creation, the first light 3D animated film "little" goalkeeper will be held in January 1, 2016 in major cinema theaters. The following is an interview with Phoenix FM Wang Wei record:

Lv Jing: what made you decide to start again?

Wang Wei: I and in Europe from Youku potatoes come to an end, still feel like I can do something. Less likely to travel, buy a winery, such a few months of life is almost. We consider some can be retained for a longer time. For example, the factory opened a bodiless lacquerware, do some handicrafts? Technology products from the market at the moment are out of date, and we hope that you can make a long, let us have the opportunity to weigh carefully polished products.

Lv Jing: so finally chose the "animation" in this field. A lot of people will think that this cross-border will be too fierce too strong, how do you look at this argument?

Wang Wei: the ultimate choice of animation for many reasons, we are keen on the animated film this art, with its roots in the Internet industry, such as computer graphics technology based on several of our founders are computer science background, do handy. In addition, the animated film is very much in need of management experience, how to co-ordinate the 200 team together to make high-quality, beautiful work, but also a new challenge to management. Taking into account the animated film is a worthy

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