Dongsheng why not do the traditional network marketing network

in the network of people living in the rise of the generation of network industry will think of this generation have been around for years, but for the people living in the traditional industries, the network may be unreachable, it wasn’t a question, it is a positive sentence.

the impact of the Internet to the traditional enterprise at night. Do not catch up with the bus network, will certainly die. Hurry up and not. So their heart is very anxious, do not know how good.

east look, look at the west, all day in a search process, the Internet is a true and false world, so they do not understand.

a lot of people did not progress, from the fear of trying. The main reason not to try is to be afraid of being cheated. The more afraid of being cheated, the more will not.

guts, tried, although cheated some, but always have a return, but the cost is higher. In fact, these do not blame them, I think the main reason, or the lack of a small community to do marketing services to the middle platform.

traditional enterprises, we should do a good job of production, good products, they should not come out to engage in marketing. All marketing is done well, are those who have the strength of the enterprise, is willing to spend money to hire people, willing to engage in their own, can also get up.

small businesses, simply unable to do so, but not so much, but they have to live ah, but also a lot of quantity. These little boss, all day to find a way out, you can not be tired?

actually I was willing to help them do marketing, but I found a few questions:

first: products. Some enterprise products, really, too bad, to quality, not too good quality, are in order to reduce costs, things are very bad.

second: service. To serve, there is no service, because they play a long-term price war, even the basic chat, are forced through the hard, no good mood to wait for a chat, not to mention the luxury of a smile with what, impossible.

third: eye. Many enterprises are short-sighted, holding short-term usury thought, not a long-term plan, can you give me money, you cannot leave it, cooperation.

fourth: thinking. The most advanced idea of docking on the clouds do not understand, can understand a little, still can not escape from the common cycle, that is to control yourself, do not understand the industry chain cooperation, always feel what all its own, will be better, do not worry about others seriously.

so, it’s hard to work with them, it’s hard.

in fact, now the society has no shortage of products, products are extremely rich, people’s greatest suffering, from the choice.

we have no way, fast, accurate, choose their own satisfaction with the product, good quality, low price, integrity, not fraud. I can’t find it, or it’s a lot of trouble.

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