There is no specific drug promotion online

recently a lot of online to push my friends, have asked me the same question, roughly summed up is such a sentence:

website promotion have available medicine can eat, can 35 days to put their own website to known to the world. I heard such a problem really didn’t know how to answer, and I put the station pushing me (, is to lend me one hundred courage three hundred life, I don’t have the ability to make known to the world, on an equal footing with brother Ma Yun. But there are several special circumstances that would, one is Edison Mr. Yan Fu, the two is Gates so much money, it can be achieved overnight, I didn’t think of the other. Of course, there are some software is very crazy, very tempting, but everything has a weight problem, is a double-edged sword weapon, hard-edged after injury itself. Shiver for a long time, perhaps I say most of my friends would be very disappointed, you may wonder, the promotion of what? The promotion can do what? Here, I had to use an old saying, "master door, rely on their own practice". Such as webmaster nets, is a very good website, but we also did not see people’s quick experience, but everyone’s promotion summary, experience, successful course.

personally think that promotion is a gradual process, we must first improve their website content, there is no real things even to flow, and also the liar is not much difference, so to enrich their own website, do original and unique, highlight the theme, so to stay back. Secondly, to fine differentiation sites, but not real, stall is too big, no energy and manpower to take care of, good fertile land becomes wasteland. Hammer has the hammer of the calendar, nails also have the advantages of nails. But have seen a lot of sites, can not find the north, get a long time still do not understand, this site is to do what the competition. Oh, turn around, just feel wasted a lot of time.

also, just do the site, suggest that the first Baidu registered as the first target (GOOGLE relatively easier), then we must first try to register, do not know how to register the first to push me to register (, has been registered to do fine feature words, of course, hot some of these words, Baidu GOOGLE is the need to spend money, do not want to spend money that had their own diligent, write some original and valuable things to improve access to their own. How to write something original, a lot of big head, do not know how to write, in fact I think the original is authentic, and even a little soil (like my article, ha ha), write his own familiar things, you should write some engineering engineering aspects of the views, you do marketing we get some marketing real case, of course, can make a thrilling suspense series, let people in the back of a pursuit of your article, it’s better not to say, you can not think of the name of the website’s search engine every day at your door sweep to sweep. Yes, the Olympic Games two days >

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