There are 4 stages of an enterprise marketing

was honored to attend the Google forum in Ningbo yesterday. Yesterday to participate in the forum are the network of Ningbo and even the elite of the marketing sector, the General Assembly invited a marketing professor of Tsinghua to give a speech. After listening to her speech feel very reasonable, to share with you!

, a marketing enterprise generally has 4 stages, the first stage is the production of enterprises, production enterprises benefit is fast, such as your company produces an engine, this engine technology in the market is still relatively rare. Since you are technically ahead of your products, you don’t have to advertise and there are lots of orders coming in. Even in the financial crisis today, is not a great loss, may also be profitable, because you produce things no one else, only you! Is the second stage, because of you of this engine is relatively easy to sell, there will soon be a rival, they also sell the same engine with you. Soon your market may be your competitors to snatch, in order to save the market, often make small profits, the price war. Then there will be an industrial chain, the cost of the province at the source. For example, Mengniu Group, they have their own cattle, control the cost from the milk. Saved a link to the other milk companies. Cost savings from production and processing. Finally, from all aspects of the province, so as to achieve the same price, we still have to earn. The third stage, the situation is bad, there will be two cases, one from all aspects of cost savings, will lead to some problems, the case of melamine is so out! In order to maximize the interests of the ball. Often this time the enterprise will appear bottle diameter. At this time, some companies began to invite star advertising. Although it is necessary to spend some money, but for the survival of enterprises. That’s a good idea. Because this time the enterprise has reached a certain scale, which is also the fourth phase of the country to prepare. The fourth stage, the enterprise is talking about the brand effect, this time the enterprise can survive under the strong, basically can be listed. Brand effect for a long time, in the same cost, you can make more money. For example, Philip’s lamp, also made by an enterprise China, the company also produces another brand of light, the same material, the same cost, as long as the Philip’s mark, this lamp can sell a few. No Philip logo, although the material is the same, but can only sell more than ten pieces. This is the so-called brand effect.

enterprise marketing will generally go through these 4 stages, of course, not every enterprise will experience. Here again back to the theme of Google, Google now also started with Baidu keyword price service, to click on a few blocks from a few hair. Although the operation of Baidu almost, but Google more humane. In the 1 embodiment, the Goolge is on the left side of the rankings, it will not damage the natural ranking right, which is more humanized, a strategy which is about knowing, advertising, or customer to click on it, that is the intention of the. 2, Google generally do sea >

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