mplementation of the secret how to do WeChat car marketing

How did WeChat marketing

company? Small in a search of the problem, then, the author compared the excitement, still talking about WeChat major influence, discount WeChat marketing preferred solution "advertising chain, or the" Mercedes WeChat sales and BMW’s "WeChat" hard soft "for simple, direct and practical for the value of the content of dry cargo strong self-evident.


in short, whether it is a car companies or other companies, WeChat marketing can be attributed to two aspects: 1, the target audience where? What is the 2 to stimulate reading and forwarding content of pain points? Next, small and micro micro media alliance classic marketing case – "2015 new Mondeo · years Chinese taste; for example, to share with you carefully:

on the basis of "simple" two times to create

first, small and micro agree that content is king, but at the same time to really hard, we love to see the creative point of praise, also love good ideas, but really good ideas could not be met for the small and micro view, compared to seize the "secret" easier, after all, the wind came, even pigs can float in the sky. The new Mondeo’s "secret" is the Spring Festival, so a simple H5, a common but again award blowing.


I know what you want to say, may be too ordinary, it may be enough to dazzle, but the Chinese new year, home, the basic needs of Chinese special purchases for the Spring Festival, the new Mondeo, to express the content of quality and safety and the importance of family. There are many companies love analyze their pros and cons, of course, this is the analysis of promotion necessary, but the micro media alliance that avoid the enterprise keywords forced implantation, a lot of good ideas are starting from the urgent needs of people, whether it is funny, literature and art, all people have sympathy. But looking back, this is really a simple activity, simple H5.

so, in "simple" on the basis of the creation began, in the promotion, the new Mondeo using a total of four copy: "New Year bring TA home, mother-in-law!" "don’t let the people who love you so long as" wonderful "year-end bonus which strong?" "12 winners to sign even after so! You got shot?", from the love and affection dimension interpretation of the home, and from the characteristics of the new Mondeo, implanted in the delicate fluid; from the long sustained attention to the topic of Internet users is a hot topic, users, so as to guide the people to participate in the "simple" the activity continues to heat up. And to show the form of micro novel, comics, jokes etc., easily enter, lead users have forwarded.


these four content covers a total of more than 600W users, after forwarding the impact of the crowd beyond 1000W.

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