How to evaluate the value of the company before joining the entrepreneurial team

Abstract: usually the seeds of the company should be in a year or less, pulled for two years, is not a good phenomenon. The company A wheel is rare in the United States more than three years, if the company operated for three years, there is no profit but also can not finance the A round, it may have become half-dead zombie companies.


a lot of people for many years to form a psychological habit, the company is always a strong relationship between labor and capital, or that: the company based, staff for the customer, the customer will be natural. In the past to join the process of entrepreneurial company, I also had some losses, and even blood. So, it’s time to break the idea.

in fact, the health of the labor market, it should be a negotiation process, because the company needs good employees, and employees are also looking forward to the company to give good treatment. A lot of people in the face of start-up companies, the biggest problem encountered is the psychological problems: do not dare, dare not fight. This problem is not difficult to explain, if you go to a shopping mall shopping today, you will not be more than three goods, bargaining? If you have to accept what the price, it is difficult to get the maximum benefit.

some people will ask: if the company does not invite me, he can also ask others, right?

of course, but it also means that you can easily be replaced, just like the convenience store goods, can not open a higher price. In general, the company will pay more attention to industry related experience, if you have designed a security system in the past, you will be much higher than the value of the security company is much higher than in other companies, there are more negotiations in the treatment of space. If the other party is not willing to negotiate it? Ask yourself: if the boss is not willing to listen to listen to, you would like to stay in this company?

what can I ask


, by breaking the psychological barrier after the interview finally came to the table, now I should ask what? A lot of job seekers have issued conditions, for example, how much salary, stock dividends, in the end to accept or not? The answer is: to say early, many problems to clarify.

is the basic direction of thinking:

How much is

worth now?

What does

want me to do,


the power structure of management

?How long does the

company burn enough money?

What is

‘s growth plan,


asked the company’s value, because the number of shares is not important, the focus is on how much the value of these shares, the proportion of the overall proportion, and how much power (such as the board of directors vote). The company should clearly define your responsibilities, because the annual salary of three hundred thousand programmers, designers and engineers three hundred thousand + + HR + + + the interviewer computer maintenance workers are two very different treatment. Startups generally require their employees to play multiple roles, but really.

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