Website construction experience exchange

is a website of the company, one is unavoidable differences in regional. For example, an enterprise or an individual wants to do a website, then he must first consider the choice of the local site company. One is considering the safety of the site, with the field, the establishment of the company and not know it is not so at ease, so do feel an event all transactions on the internet. If I pay a deposit after you ran away. What should I do? Most people would consider this point, so they tend to choose a local site, it is best to come to inspect the site of the company, or by the door-to-door salesman to communicate with them. So they will be assured of signing the contract to the website for you to do, do it might stand a bit better, and some enterprises especially if there is a certain scale enterprises to cooperate, the two sides reached a cooperation before the Party A will generally B for the establishment of the company to do a detailed understanding of. The premise of these exchanges is that the Party B is the site of the company must be a local network company, which is a lot of enterprises in the selection of the first condition of the company.

as a site for the company will have a considerable part of the customer is local, of course, the proportion of foreign customers and local customers also depends on the company’s marketing and marketing model adopted by the station. However, any one of the site will not ignore the local customer resources, because compared to foreign customers, local customers are more likely to become your old customers. Easy to build the company to maintain customer relationship, so as to get more customer resources. Have a stable customer resources website company can develop and grow, and the area or city have different customer resources is different, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other Internet industry developed these first-tier cities, customer resources is certainly better than the rich. However, the relative number of meat, the wolf will not be less natural, so in the city’s local companies to compete for local companies to compete for customer resources is also very fierce. But to say that the local high-quality customer resources have long been monopolized by those big network companies, they have established a stable relationship of cooperation. As a small and medium sized enterprises can only develop to some small local customer resources or outward development, like Ji’nan, Nanjing, Kunming, the second city also has certain resources, although less than first-tier cities so rich, but in the rapid development of the Internet today, the increasing demand for enterprise website also, a considerable part of the customer resources available. Compared to the first tier cities in the fierce competition in the second tier cities, this situation will be better in the second tier cities, small and medium sized companies for the site is definitely suitable for its development.

in the face of regional differences, as the site should be how to deal with? Or how to eliminate the differences of customer confusion, is the site of the company need to consider, here I will give you a little analysis of coping strategies:

first, the contract is important

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