Castle Peak capital Zhang wild what is the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs

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entered in 2016, Castle Peak capital has invested a number of angel round of the project, mainly in the pan entertainment +, as well as the field of consumer upgrades. These two areas, but also the focus of this year’s capital investment in castle peak.

for the things to do after a lot of investment managers also have feedback on the project, I recently in thinking about a problem: seems to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar between investors and entrepreneurs, what is a relationship? Past this topic many people talked about, but read to the total surface of harmony, nature is still a "party" feeling. It is easy to move, and now the difficulty of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and investors constitute a group, have undergone great changes, the relationship between the creation and investment, it should be changed from a point of view!

ancient Jewish philosopher Levi said a word: "if you want to help a person out of the mire, do not think that standing on top of a helping hand is enough. You should go to the mud from start to finish, then go, with a strong hand to seize him, so he and you will be re reborn from the mud."

for entrepreneurs, early investors is standing at the top point is enough, sometimes, you separate empty void pointing, entrepreneurs have to make time to "listen", for entrepreneurs, it is really very painful experience. So, the best record and what is the relationship between? I have four strokes: the investment, no doubt, to reduce noise, long-term investment racing together bridle to bridle.

first recruit: [cast doubt]

once the decision to invest, it is necessary to believe that the entrepreneur.

said it’s easy to believe in a person, but it’s hard to believe in your heart. In my opinion, the hearts of investors should be very firm. Once cast, no doubt, is the final winner in this category that TA.

it’s like getting married. Before the marriage of two people, mostly in the sweet period of love, we will see each other’s good, it is easy to ignore each other’s shortcomings. Before investing in the early investment, we will see the potential of the founder, to see the founder of such a smart, tough or persistent, such as the flash point.

investment, once the project into the process, may also find some Sense the entrepreneurs may not, investors looking on, will feel anxious for entrepreneurship when wrong, or even to doubts about the ability of entrepreneurs themselves. And such doubts, it is precisely the beginning of some contradictions.

want to vote for people without doubt, we must realize that a reality: the early entrepreneurial projects are all in a disastrous state. Say not to cast a project, you can list ten thousand reasons, but once the decision to invest, it is necessary to believe that the entrepreneur. The history of human development over the past few million years is due to the simple belief

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