Do the promotion must learn to look far ahead from a high plane

there is an old saying, "if I had known the truth now is still the three rich ten years’, it’s a matter of vision, also has a relationship and thinking, do promotion also need to be realistic but look far ahead from a high plane.

one day in September 2010 a few entrepreneurial college students to find me, I want to do some planning for them, they created a -0102 brand clothing store, which is a professional men’s casual wear brand, and has its own production factory. Because of the precise positioning, it is easier to succeed, and I am optimistic about his point. But there is an indisputable fact in front of them, because of the lack of funds, it would be easy to fail because of capital chain broken. How low cost publicity becomes a priority. I believe a lot of entrepreneurs will encounter the same problem. Cao Guangyun for this group of young friends do what planning and market analysis, I think we certainly want to know, here are a few points to share.

1, accurate positioning

clear market positioning, women than men to fire, as far as I know the ratio of men to buy clothes online is a woman’s 1/3. So Taobao’s clothes in 80% of the shops are doing women’s business. But the larger the market, the more intense the competition, the more difficult it is to survive. Although the men’s clothing market is not as good as women’s clothing, but once the brand in this industry, there will be great achievements. And because most men buy things are very direct, so the conversion rate will be relatively high.

2, occupy the small market

sometimes when we are planning a project or site will often enter a misunderstanding, immediately want to round the country market, but also do not know the reality. The bigger the circle, the more intense the competition is. One step ahead of you because many rivals already delineated the market, you are in competition with them with a piece of the market, if you want a cup of soup, difficult. The beginning is the main reason why many projects have the whole world in view, the dead. Novice entrepreneurs tend to be such an illusion, think of what the market, which market is your, huh, huh, huh. Related to the cost of transportation and interpersonal advantages, 0102 clothing initially established in the local market in Zhengzhou – the location of the company. If you can take root here, stand up, get a stable customer base, will provide the future development will lay a good foundation.

3, the initial focus on the line

we all know that everything in the network is for real life. There is no completely virtual things, even if the virtual network game is also developed for the real players, so the real buyers online, and the network is just a media. In the early stages of local relations and potential customers to carry out marketing will be easier to create sales. Since the product is oriented to the age of 18 to the age of the working class and students, the price positioning in between 20 – 100. Local schools have become a big potential customer base. With the help of the university community to carry out some activities it is easy to form a certain brand influence and create a certain real

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