SAC push electricity supplier blacklist to build third party regulatory platform

electricity supplier blacklist will be on-line

who is the largest regulatory responsibility, the lowest cost of supervision, who should bear more regulatory responsibilities, in accordance with this idea, the network trading platform is the electricity supplier management, the first responsible person". Therefore, the regulation of e-commerce is not only to monitor the electricity supplier, but also to pipe network trading platform.

China will implement cross regional electricity supplier regulation. According to reports, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry commissioned by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the contractor of the third party e-commerce network trading platform regulatory system, in 2015 the first phase of the platform will be on-line. After the platform on the line, will launch electricity supplier blacklist to facilitate consumer identification.

China e-commerce A new force suddenly rises. its development speed, and a thousand li a day, volume, beyond many people expected. According to the Ministry of Commerce Electronic Commerce Department estimates, in 2014 China’s e-commerce transactions (including B2B and online retail) will reach about 13 trillion yuan, an increase of 25%. According to preliminary accounting, in 2014 China’s GDP reached 63 trillion and 640 billion yuan. The role played by e-commerce is self-evident, the importance of the future can not be described too much. This is the front of the coin, on the back of it, according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in January 23rd last year, the second half of the commodity trading network directional monitoring results, in the monitoring of the completion of the 92 batch of samples, genuine rate of only 58.7%. Taobao genuine rate of only 37.25%. Electricity supplier volume and non genuine rate multiplied, the product contains the loss of consumer rights.

network transactions with low transaction costs, transaction mode and transaction environment virtualization, transaction behavior, instantaneous hidden characteristics, making all kinds of electronic commerce infringement and violations are extremely active, focus on the performance of virtual trading fraud, product quality is difficult to guarantee, false promotion, customer service service is not satisfactory trick consumer rights, implementation difficulties and so on, these problems in the import electricity supplier and vertical electricity supplier is relatively better, but especially in the network trading platform. Online access is not strict, commodity information, review ineffective sales behavior management, credit evaluation and defects of internal staff, lax regulation, is a widespread network trading platform management platform is flawed, giants is no exception.

integrity is the core competitiveness of the economic development, the network trading platform is also well versed in the stakes, and good governance attempt, such as poor management system, only limited by the associated costs or benefits, management of the network trading platform for electricity providers inevitably there are some problems, so the administrative supervision over the "visible hand" is very necessary. For example, the electricity supplier "blacklist" system, the existence of serious illegal acts of the electricity supplier "black", on the one hand, supervision platform publicity, convenient for consumers to identify and vote with their feet, so that the list of the electricity supplier can not be mixed; on the other hand, to be locked into the "black list" of natural person the implementation of a certain period of time, "ban ban it in a network of natural person shop, in the real world, and the establishment of investment enterprises or executive. Electricity supplier blacklist vision is very good, with the industry after the regulatory forced to enhance the integrity of water

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