Taobao mobile phone details page quick production tutorial

Taobao mobile details page is becoming more and more important, with Taobao’s mobile terminal layout, the future will pay more attention to the development of Taobao mobile phone details page. So we should step up the details of the phone page to do more to meet more customers.

but do computer terminal baby details page to do mobile phone details page, is really a very difficult problem, and many products, according to the official tutorial, a baby to do, certainly is a waste of time and energy, we recommend a table for the Taobao third party cooperation system here, the professional version of software tools, you can on the goods at the same time the baby details page and baby details page about mobile phone upload all up, and can upload, save a lot of time.

below to talk about specific steps:

1, first download the software and install, not installed, please click on the upper right corner of the

2 installed after opening the software, open the store to grab goods or copy tools. Will you need to link the product into the browser, select a good product, the right to select the crawl, and the next step.


Taobao mobile phone details page quick production tutorial

Description: Here you can grab your goods, and then generate details of Taobao mobile phone page, you can also give your agents and distributors. Go on to the next step:


here, you need to pay attention to this step is the need to choose the most important step in the details of the phone.

select the details of the phone on the interface, and then choose the right, there will be the following tips:


click OK to eventually generate the following details page interface.


note: This is a preview, not on the phone above the final display.

here can also be your baby image processing, you can add watermarks, etc..


has been next to the Taobao data generated at last will contain a mobile phone bag, baby details page, so when you upload the details of mobile phone will automatically upload, and then use the mobile phone access to display the beauty of your mobile phone details page.


to the final packet format is as follows. You can also send data packets to others.

finally show the effect shown above the phone:


Taobao mobile phone details page production

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