On the issue of privatization peace and the car will stand on the same front

ping an acquisition car home control it is striking one snag after another ups and downs, was written into the textbook case too, developments so far seems to have will control the car home ownership peace become somewhat passive, and this kind of passive but there may be a help in peace. Safe from Macao, bought the car home shares this matter, is not a simple two companies for control problems, but involve more capital investment income levels, capital market demand is often the biggest thrust of the transaction, the China Internet Corporation merger occurred many times.

safe not formal position car private plans, but this is the inevitable

we need to first clarify the key problems of this matter has been confused, in Australia, announced that 47.7% of the shares in the share price of $29.55 sold to Chinese Ping, Ping An official and no formal statement to the privatization of the car home. That is to say, the right to peace just from Macao holdings bought the car home, as for the other car home ownership how to deal with, peace and no official explanation, but the various news and media that are safe for private car home.


announced by Qin joint Bo Yu, Hillhouse and Sequoia formed privatization consortium, many people think that the new consortium peace and Qin induced leadership presence of privatization of the dispute, the infighting between the consortium is the majority of the people loved the "war" drama, so some contradictions between the media competition naturally or half unconsciously to the two guide. But peace has not issued a privatization offer, has not announced the privatisation programme, all the media speculation with wishful thinking, just on the car home management layer of the MBO move, as if he had peace there immediately to privatise the car home to.

of course, the media that is justified, if peace from Macao, bought 47.7% of the shares after the car home, must as soon as possible privatization of the car home, because the real from Macao, bought the car home shares not Ping An Group, but Ping An group following Ping An Trust, the difference between the different nature of the acquisition of the subject is great.


is to lead the acquisition of Ping An Group, the car home there may not be privatized, because of Ping An group according to the needs of a variety of processing car home; but if it is to buy Ping An Trust, that basically is already bound to the car home for privatization, because peace trust is a trust products, there is a requirement for the return on investment, and for Ping An Trust is concerned, with the A shares of Internet Co’s earnings point of view, the private car will be back to A shares after getting high return financial choice.

will become a farce comedy, privatization offer to help Qin or


for Ping An Group, Qin furniture LED car caused by a consortium may not be a farce, but is brought on

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