Visual image search help e commerce

2010 domestic search engine usage for the first time over the network music, becoming the first major Internet users. Recalling the 2010 search market, Google quit China, Sogou and Alibaba marriage, people search on-line and other events can not be ignored, and visual image search also had to mention. Last year, the visual image search related products on-line, financing, acquisition report is under 10, the Alibaba’s investment strategy, Tao Tao search Baidu map on the line, Google invested $100 million acquisition of news station visual shopping search visual image search concern.

visual image search is the core technology of the next generation search engine by searching for the same or similar picture information. Then the visual image search why so hot? The author found that the visual image search related products are closely related with the electronic commerce, its products to promote the development of electronic commerce in technology and business model innovation, etc..

The value of

innovation technology

solves the problem that some users can not use the text or text search. Under the trend of e-commerce in the Internet, the picture has become a commodity show, the best medium for the transaction, its visual search will become the main entrance. The visual features of image search search function, visual meets users’ requirements for higher demand search function, quickly find the merchandise information the convenience of users, enhance e-commerce shopping experience.

B2C electricity supplier accurate advertising resources. Traditional portals, navigation advertising users click Browse to buy the chain is too long, only to play the brand to show the effect of the purchase of low conversion rate. The user initiated search the essence of visual images based on search results, allowing the user to quickly establish the commodity purchasing behavior, visualization allows the user through visual screening click purchase conversion rate is greatly improved. B2C electricity supplier can be based on the similarity of search results, sales of goods and other behavioral indices in the search results related to their own goods to achieve accurate sales.

natural mobile e-commerce platform

mobile e-commerce, mobile phone text input in the inconvenience, making the image gradually replace the text has become the main carrier of the mobile terminal information, the user’s demand for image information transmission greatly increased. While the mobile terminal and PC platform image transmission channel has not been opened, how to let the user through the mobile terminal will transmit information to the picture and convenient e-commerce platform has become an urgent need to solve the mobile e-commerce transaction chain problem.

visual image search search features, through the natural process of mobile terminal to e-commerce platform image information transfer. The user through the camera to real-time graph search, realize the merchandise purchase, completely solve the gap based convergence of mobile e-commerce transactions in the chain of problems. And its huge commodity image database in the aggregation of the various C2C, B2C commodity data information, to meet the whole network product picture >

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