2009 we will not be advertising alliance

some time ago at home and abroad some fierce alliance K account, Baidu /GG, more and more sites began to withdraw down on their web site advertising alliance! Advertisers bid so much money to reward advertising, finally really have said that some League return so much? " * * * marketing miracle a few million yuan investment to bring about 2000000 of the performance of ", advertising alliance; really have this magic?? the so-called bidding / promotion is only used to make money alliance under the guise of it, the main site for advertising, really can earn a lot of money?? most of the profits in advertising there. Then there are some Adsense is rough, start cheating, and the price deduction amount of the alliance, the huge investment of advertisers, but also between alliance and alliance business owners began fighting! Take the initiative, a website found that moving his bread, began to revenge! And then a large number of K, which is also the scenes and some innocent people! A few years ago SP earn a lot, to this year, basically have no remaining few, only in the top! The best domestic mobile phone alliance before the color show also customized ringing tone one month before the switch, as some! Traffic exchange chain alliance before the veteran also hung out a large number of flows, the new alliance, are playing karate, is not a random number K, is disappearing, or to the end is the main site with the flow of horse, for example now! Get to get a lot of advertisers Money to promote their products, to vote for bidding and promotion of the so-called! Returns obtained is very small, is also the only domestic only few success stories! Now we have the Internet advertising trading platform called the other, it is only taking their flat advertisers and site owners and money flow tool! Advertisers put money into it, the real number in incision, the main site traffic is much to the alliance,

can make nothing of it!

now many large traffic sites are not well-known in the advertising alliance, to put it, when the package are quantitative, speaking to you first price, put ads on it or leave it!, a lot of customers come to advertise! Now this website is not in the minority, start slowly spread, advertisers! Also wiser, no longer go to union, directly to the main site, so profits disappear! There is no black box operation, all the more transparent. Pay and harvest different such as I have mentioned in the same breath! A shareware, now want to find out, the promotion, a lot of money, do not say, do not necessarily have a good effect, might as well go to the professional software promotion, can save a lot of promotion fee, advertisers! For the League 100W, half the alliance will really take this one hundred W to promote


maybe in the near future, there will be no network alliance, what platform! Are advertisers and site owners direct contact! This website owners can earn more money! The advertisers can also get better effect of


show recently in as a propaganda station 56ux.com, I hope my friends can try under the < >

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