Sohu launched the first real estate group service

recently, Sohu launched the first launch of the group purchase service in the portal, Sohu love home group jointly launched a number of new real estate Beijing group purchase activities. Participate in the group of consumers in addition to enjoy all the concessions developers can also get more discounts. Different from the vertical buy site, Sohu love home group relies on Sohu’s rich customer and user resources, almost all areas of daily life can be involved. Love the way home group Sohu group purchase not only provides substantial discount for users, it also provides a new network marketing service for customers, to help Sohu further upstream resources and revitalize the deep user value.

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the day before, the Sohu only love of family groups in the Beijing area of the group purchase activities have been successfully held 29 times, the success rate reached 100%. More than 10 thousand and 3 people through the Sohu love groups successfully to low discount success right to buy goods. The Sohu love family launched a discount rate of up to 990 thousand of new homes to buy, will further consolidate their competitive advantage.

it is understood that there are currently more than 400 domestic buy site, compared with a single buy site, the portal has the advantages of capital, technology, customers, users, etc.. The industry is expected to hit professional website in the blog portal and will cause a round of group purchase industry reshuffle.

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