Sibutramine furniture channel electricity supplier of the road by saving the cost of our dealers

as a consumer durable goods in the furniture industry has not been optimistic about the outside world do business, one reason is because once users buy furniture after a few years will not replace the new products, two furniture is bulky goods, furniture is also home to the million price, three is the conflict of the traditional industries have to face the line, in 2009 began to test the water electricity supplier QuMei furniture said frankly that this is not an easy path, but through the practice and thinking of the past few years, QuMei worked out a suitable path, the key is "electric business channel".

Sibutramine why thought of doing business

2008 global economic crisis, the financial crisis spread to the first object is the real estate industry, the furniture and property are closely linked, Sibutramine soon realized that affected, when the leadership of the company are thinking about how to break the bottleneck and find the new development trend to Sibutramine furniture. 2008 is the year of the hot electricity industry impetuous, the influx of hot money, Sibutramine began to consider the development of the electricity supplier in this environment.

At that time,

QuMei encountered the biggest problem, is the channel.

"Sibutramine in the country has 600 stores, this is the lifeblood of QuMei, if Sibutramine do e-commerce in foreign air, feel as if just started to do direct sales partners, how does it feel? They can accept? Not to mention they will support QuMei." Sibutramine furniture e-commerce general manager Yang Yang said.

and Sibutramine placed in front of the real problem is that, how to fight under the existing channels to business development. Yang Yang recalls, when QuMei electricity providers face a concept proposed not only to meet the needs of consumers online shopping, but also to meet the interests of all dealers under the line.

even after nearly 10 years of development, the electricity supplier is still a new term at the end of 2008, is a suddenly hot concept for the entire Internet industry, not to mention the traditional furniture industry dealers, they think that the electricity supplier is not touch to reach things from their very distant.

how do you explain to them QuMei doing business is very difficult, but the electricity supplier whether can bring value to them and we urgently want to know, but it is all in the industry and there is no good model that can be used for reference, and the furniture not only need to assemble, distribution and even need to guarantee, how to use these logistics solutions? At that time is a problem for us." Yang Yang said.

In this case

, Sibutramine put forward a concept: the electricity supplier and distributors do need cooperation.


with cost savings

Sibutramine first solve the problem of efficiency in the marketing process, the electricity supplier Sibutramine can save a lot of cost, such as propaganda, operation, store and so on, these cost savings, Sibutramine and not for their own profit, but to our customers and dealers.

second point solution

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