SOREE sherui little public number is or because the three level distribution

news January 6th, billion state power network today received friends broke the news, women’s clothing brand SOIREE sherui Version (hereinafter referred to as the little black dress) suspected of being public, WeChat, little micro mall in an inaccessible state, the number of public entrance menu bar also removed the "buy black skirt".


users provide screenshots

a little friend WeChat founder Wang Siming to billion state power network said earlier today, Wang Siming in the circle of friends, the public number is sealed, but now has deleted this dynamic.

then, little public number announced responded that due to the three level distribution, the number of public service number is temporarily escaped notice rectification. During this period, will not open the little mall and not to link their own micro store information, but the number of fans, commissions, orders and other information is not affected.


The official statement


so, the little three level distribution is a kind of model? According to the little black dress official that users buy after the success will get an exclusive two-dimensional code, a little spokesperson, if anyone by scanning the two-dimensional code to buy a little black dress, the spokesperson can get 20% of the proceeds. Three and so on, have to buy reward relationship chain.

in fact, WeChat also has a long history of rectifying the three distribution. In August 21, 2016, WeChat’s senior director of Tencent Zheng Lipeng risk control center has micro-blog, WeChat platform allows only two level (including the development personnel) distribution model, more than three distribution will stop WeChat payment function and Feng Ting account.

to follow the progress of the matter, billion state power network will also keep the attention.

data show that the little black line on August 15, 2015, the little black Internet fashion brand flagship. September 2015, Hong Kong fund 2 million yuan Angel round of investment, in February 2016, the completion of the A round of investment, the same year by the Tencent invested $about 20000000 A+ round of financing. August 15, 2016, fans broke 6 million 600 thousand, annual sales of nearly $100 million.

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