Enterprise network marketing need to do three core

according to the latest statistics show that the total number of websites in China has reached 1 million 500 thousand, of which the proportion of corporate sites close to 70%, the number of more than 1 million. More and more enterprises recognize the importance of the Internet market, the Internet has gradually become an effective tool for business activities. Experts believe that China’s accession to WTO, enterprises are facing the competition of domestic and foreign enterprises, informatization and networking can create a fair competition environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise informatization is the inevitable development of China’s network. There are three core problems in the process of enterprise network marketing.

first, enterprises should attach importance to the site. For many enterprises, enterprise website construction is not only the image of the project, but also an important means of enterprise internal management information. The Chinese enterprises are 99% small and medium enterprises, for them, the purpose of the site is mainly concentrated in the development of network marketing. The purpose of the site in the early stage to serve the network marketing. To lay the foundation for future promotion and optimization. For example, to use independent domain name, stable space, site architecture and image processing to facilitate the optimization and so on, the marketing website also need to assess the complete system effect, it includes the function of traffic statistics, site analysis etc..

to build a simple and powerful web site is the first step to success, and then face the promotion. And now the most effective and most affordable is the key word optimization. In China with all the search features of the site, Baidu search technology to provide more than 80%; every day there are about 56% of the world’s Internet users in the Google query information, YAHOO is the world’s first portal search site. In order to site traffic is higher, we must do a good job of keyword optimization. Of course, this requires a professional company to do, companies can choose excellent service providers to do. Many companies have chosen easy to develop, it’s Instrument Exhibition Network www.18show.cn, electronic exhibition network and other industries to provide the network keyword optimization services. Through search engine optimization, the site in Baidu, Google, Yahoo ranking more forward, in the short term there will be a very good effect, but also save the high cost of bidding.

optimization work is basically there will be a corresponding benefit, and the promotion of the third industry website will make the rapid development of enterprises. The promotion of the industry website is to focus on the promotion of a particular field. If you are a manufacturer of instrumentation equipment, select the 18show Instrument Exhibition network, the site focused on tens of thousands of instruments and equipment companies across the country, buyers will also be the first choice here for inquiries, trading. Will be added to their products, coupled with advertising, gold booth and other publicity, promotion multiplier, the effect is obvious.

today, more and more enterprise network marketing, and many small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of marketing are widespread positioning, target is not clear, the majority is blindly, which makes the network marketing effect is not ideal. Experts suggest that the establishment of enterprises, search engine optimization and promotion of the industry site is the basis of three successful marketing companies. Enterprises can make use of professional services

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