Event marketing in the eyes of a grassroots webmaster

speaking of network marketing event marketing webmaster friends no stranger. With the development of the Internet and the growing ranks of Internet users, event marketing has been paid more and more attention. Event marketing is like a double-edged sword, if the use of good results will be a large extent to enhance the brand awareness of enterprises, and the cost is relatively low. But if used improperly, it will self brand.

you may remember a 08 years of successful event marketing case — Wanglaoji event marketing. With the donation of 100 million during the earthquake in Wenchuan and then to "ban Wong Lo Kat", became a well-known brand. The success of the network marketing also led to other traditional media competing reports, so in the low-cost operation, the advertising effect is definitely value for money. This is the network event marketing has the charm and strength.

has been widely concerned about the event marketing what are the characteristics of excellence SEO want to simply talk about some of their own views and Views:

is the starting point of the event. Event marketing must have an event, the event must also be a certain news value of things, or is to allow the majority of Internet users concerned, and can be spread by the Internet users voluntarily. For example: public events, social hot spots, corporate crisis, entertainment news.

such as Mengniu companies use social focus of "Shenzhou launch" shape the Mengniu health, high-tech aerospace special milk image. The Shenzhou launch is the hot social public pays more and more attention, the hot events of this marketing information may be the tipping point of event marketing.

followed by event marketing channels of communication. The time of the main marketing channels such as newspapers, television, outdoor advertising, etc.. Most of the event marketing on the Internet is detonated by the forum and quickly spread. For example, "Jia Junpeng incident", through the Baidu Post Bar started hot, and then cause the news website the major portals, reproduced and spread quickly jump red network.

I feel that these successful marketing cases of events are not really a natural occurrence of some of the events are organized planning and strong implementation can be done.

then add fuel to the flames. A successful event marketing is not a flash in the pan, but there is a certain continuity, and only continue to explore new news points in order to truly create a brand. A successful event marketing is the climax of the final striking one snag after another, all the points are focused on the marketing goal, this is the perfect event marketing.

you like some network reds, first exposure and cause the attention of Internet users, public opinion attack, then the parties denied, then came again more popular things, such a sustained netizens discussion, sustained caused netizens attention, only in this way can fire.

is the relationship between events and marketing objectives. The >

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